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400,000 Reasons for the Channel to Partner with BigAir

  • 30 August, 2006 12:46

<p>In an initiative set to energise the Telecommunications and ICT industry, BigAir Group Limited (ASX: BGL) has announced the launch of their channels division. The launch of BigAir’s wholesale division will offer fierce competition to current market offerings, delivering superior high-speed wireless broadband, as well as offering great margins to ISPs, distributors and resellers.</p>
<p>Large Revenue Opportunity</p>
<p>According to leading industry analyst IDC, the market for wireless broadband will grow to nearly 400,000 customers by 2009, at an estimated 70 percent compound growth rate (CAGR), compared to the overall broadband market’s estimated growth of 25 percent CAGR*.</p>
<p>The launch of BigAir’s channel division delivers telecommunications wholesalers and resellers access to this exploding market opportunity.</p>
<p>“BigAir is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of business-grade wireless broadband. This launch provides an opportunity for the channel to share in the revenue generated from the 400,000 customers estimated to choose wireless over the next three years,” said Jason Ashton, CEO, BigAir.</p>
<p>“There are a large number of businesses right now in Sydney which do not currently have high speed, symmetric broadband or fibre, and this launch allows the channel to service those customers,” he said.</p>
<p>“The opportunity that wireless broadband presents to the channel rivals the launch of business-grade xDSL services. We believe it’s that important,” he said.</p>
<p>Strong Lead Generation Program</p>
<p>BigAir’s channel division is also committed to marketing assistance and lead generation programs.</p>
<p>“BigAir has strong sales and marketing expertise. We plan to lend this strength to our channel partners that commit to our services,” said Mr Ashton.</p>
<p>Highlights of this program include:
-Capacity to provide new leads for channel partners
-‘Campaign in a box’ seminars for channels’ existing customers
-Funding for joint direct marketing/online programs to drive additional leads
-Customised brochures/sales packs
-Extensive sales and technical training</p>
<p>Leading Business-Grade Wireless Solution</p>
<p>BigAir’s network provides one of Australia’s largest business-grade wireless broadband coverage areas.</p>
<p>With extensive coverage provided in Sydney and Melbourne, the company is confident of strong uptake on its services from SME and Enterprise business, especially those businesses outside of the CBD areas which often do not have affordable access to high speed, symmetric broadband services.</p>
<p>In locations where fibre-optic services are available, BigAir’s fixed wireless solution will often come in as an extremely price competitive offering.</p>
<p>There are many other significant reasons for businesses to adopt BigAir services. Services can be connected within days, not weeks or months as is the case with most existing terrestrial solutions.</p>
<p>BigAir services have also been used widely as redundant backup services for enterprise customers with an existing fibre connection. Wireless is ideally suited as a redundancy solution since it is not susceptible to ‘back hoe’ related fibre breaks which can happen in the street.</p>
<p>Symmetric speeds are also offered which is ideal for organisations, which have large upload requirements such as the graphics, advertising and media production related industries.</p>
<p>The services sold through partners will range in speeds from 1Mbps to 100Mbps symmetric initially, with faster speeds available in the near future. “It’s a compelling alternative to a fibre-optic service at a fraction of the cost.” said Mr Ashton.</p>
<p>BigAir provides both private network services enabling offices to be connected and also high speed Broadband services.</p>
<p>In summary, the benefits of the BigAir Channel offerings are:</p>
<p>-Great coverage: One of Australia’s largest business wireless broadband coverage areas
-Availability: High-speed services often available in locations where there is limited fibre
-Sales assistance: Lead generation program
-Price competitive: Significant savings often available compared to other solutions
-Technical Excellence: SLA-backed professional delivery and support
-Rapid Installation: installed in days - not weeks or months
-Backup solution: 100% non-terrestrial solution avoids ‘back hoe’ related outages
-High Speed Symmetric Speeds: Ideal for customers with large data upload requirements
-Technology easily upgradeable: BigAir’s network is easily upgradeable to WiMAX technology, which will offer even faster speeds.</p>
<p>*For more information about the IDC report, please call one of the contacts below.</p>
<p>BigAir Channels Launch Function</p>
<p>To mark the launch of their channels division, BigAir are inviting the reseller community to a major launch function at Darling Harbour in Sydney on the 14th September. Attendees will receive details on BigAir’s wholesale and reseller channel strategy, and the benefits for channel organisations that partner with BigAir. Further details are available on the website at or by phoning 1300 BIGAIR.</p>

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