SmartyHost dedicates new hosting to resellers

SmartyHost dedicates new hosting to resellers

SmartyHost is calling for a new breed of resellers to deliver its new dedicated hosting business.

The company has been operating the service for about six weeks. It is targeted at business customers and is a dedicated hosting service, differentiating it from SmartyHost's core shared hosting business.

Company founder and managing director, Anoosh Manzoori, said the shared service had about 25,000 users. Hosting plans are sold to customers directly by SmartyCorp or from its 350 resellers Australia-wide.

Typically, shared resellers consisted of small ISPs, Web designers, graphics designers, business consultants, accountants and even customers who then on-sell to others, he said.

With its dedicated service, the company plans to target systems integrators, network engineers and even software developers.

"It's possible that these can all be our resellers," Manzoori said.

Software development projects could be conducted in distributed environments, but all with a common requirement of needing to be hosted, he said. Bundling Web hosting with software development was a way of adding further value.

"Developers always look for a way to add value. This is an opportunity to lock in customers," he said.

SmartyHost has about 30 dedicated hosting customers.

Manzoori said he hoped to double customers by the end of Christmas.

The business, which is built around an EMC Clarion SAN with 38TB of capacity, could scale to about 20,000 users, he said.

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