Chip off the old block

Chip off the old block

Price Surprise

"This shows the Intel transition is aggressive. We can see the transition for this is much quicker."

Chen said the local components market had been sluggish. The price war and intense competition between Intel and AMD kept many customers hesitant.

"People have been waiting for the next big one to come out, eyeing both Conroe and AM2," he said.

Chen predicted sales would pick up given the affordable prices, and increase in the lead up to Vista.

"The Vista launch next year will drive PC replacement business. There will better hardware, more memory, 1GB as a minimum, so a nice compelling story for customers," Chen said.

MSI marketing manager, Harlem Chiang, expected both AM2 and Intel's Core Duo launch to boost its business this year.

The company unleashed its AM2 series motherboards (the K9N platform) on the same day as the Intel 975X Core 2 processor platform.

"The Intel chip is innovative, and we've been waiting for it," he said. "The market has been holding out for the release. It will move quickly when mass produced. It's good news for us as motherboard makers."

Both platforms gave users a boost in 3D gaming and multimedia environments, Chiang said.

On the corporate front, the latest chips would have a positive affect on the desktop, mobile and server space, he said.

Intel's McLean said gamer or power users weren't the only users that could take advantage of boosted processing technology.

"Multitasking is a big benefit. Users will start to appreciate the fact they can run a virus scan while rendering video at the same time," he said.

Expect to hear more stories about boosted performance stories in the days ahead, McLean said. When the notebook version arrives in town, users can expect to see sleeker and lighter laptops with improved battery life.

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