Feeling the heat

Feeling the heat

Remote management

By allowing the analysis of intricate patterns such as higher order harmonics, voltage fluctuations and transient over voltages, the technology helps operators run a more efficient, less costly business. It was vital to understand electric environmental conditions, pinpoint electrical problems and ascertain proper levels of power quality within the facility or specific equipment, he said.

Eaton is also rolling out a blade UPS, aimed at the SMB and enterprise space, which focuses on managing high heat loads in blades and racks. The company is setting up a distribution channel and previewing the technology to resellers.

Opti-UPS country manager, Greg Jan, said he was also waving the remote management flag and touting the latest improvements on the software front.

"Due to the interface of software changes to the browser base, remote management through the IP address becomes more popular and easier to use," he said. "The software interface is a new trend for UPS software. It provides better compatibility and ease of use."

The software can check input/output voltage and frequency, battery capacity, runtime estimation, unattended system shutdown and start-up, and multiple systems shutdown.

When all systems are connected to the same network, connected to UPS outlets and each has an IP address, the master computer can add all systems in its dependent shutdown list. If there is a power failure, the master system will command all systems in the list to shutdown before shutting itself down.

The next generation of UPS solutions include delta conversion technology, which should boost efficiency and reduce operational costs further.

"Moore's Law is hitting a wall. As more power is generated, we need smarter ways to power equipment. We need to cool it at the point of heat generation," Makryllos said.

Resellers pointing those heat guns and jumping into the power management game should look towards more advances in power and cooling.

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