Feeling the heat

Feeling the heat

Remote access

With UPS solutions evolving into sophisticated network power management tools, the technology can monitor and correct problems that might plague a once healthy network. And it can all be done remotely.

A UPS system needs to integrate cleanly onto the network and provide comprehensive, reliable remote management features without taking up a lot of space on the server.

Many of the solutions today feature automatic voltage regulation, generous runtimes and unattended systems shutdown. They can now monitor and restart critical services and operating systems if they fail.

Emerson's Deguara said remote management was becoming a top priority since many organisations had a host of branches and off-site operations. Interest started to pick up about 12-18 months ago.

"Companies are asking for more intelligence in terms of monitoring remote sites, and dealing with their power and heat issues," he said. "It's no longer just about power management in the main data centre but at remote sites."

Partners can pitch SNMP solutions which boost intelligence at the remote location. Emerson has seen a 15 per cent revenue increase in its remote management offerings during the past 12 months.

"Users can manage power at multiple sites, at individual or whole rack level, via an IP address," Deguara said. "Each power outlet becomes like a port. Users can monitor what's happening in the remote space.

"Offering intelligence at the remote site is vital. There's often no IT-based human resource at the site so IT administrators need to deploy the human intelligence out to the remote nodes. SNMP helps do that.

"Traditionally, remote sites have been dumb but we're changing all that. It's an evolving area of technology development."

There are opportunities for resellers in powering up remote locations as well as co-location facilities, he said.

"At both locations, determining the health of the network as it relates to power consumption is vital. The health might be okay, but there's no ability for spare capacity so investigate all the issues."

Remote management is the power buzz right now, according to Avocent managing director, Leanne Ramsay. The company has launched a solution that enables remote power control and system management of IT assets.

"Users can restore practically any IT asset, without dispatching service personnel, and virtually eliminate power control errors during crisis situations," she said.

The technology boosts remote site communications because each unit can be configured to sound an alarm during an overcurrent condition. They can send notifications via email messages, SMS pager messages and SNMP traps.

"Secure management of data centres, and remote sites, is a growing market for us," Ramsay said. "We are seeing more and more businesses look to power management in an effort to reduce operating costs."

Eaton Power Quality group marketing manager, Michael Mallia, said remote management and power related issues were now piquing the interest of IT managers. These technologies were moving out of the hands of engineers as product becomes more advanced but less complicated to manage. The company has launched a range of power quality meters that monitor, record and analyse critical electrical patterns.

"We're trying to enable data centre managers to get access to real-time information about power management in the data centre and at remote sites," he said.

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