Internode OPENS arms to Aussie modems for Annex M

Internode OPENS arms to Aussie modems for Annex M


Internode will be supplying customers with modem/routers from Australian manufacturer OPEN Networks for its forthcoming national Annex M trial.

The ISP called for participants to take part in a national ADSL2+ Annex M trial late last month. The trial will commence shortly as the call for participants is now closed.

With Internode's existing ADSL2+ Annex A, upstream speeds are currently limited to 1Mbps. The M-variant of the technology, also known as ITU standard G.992.5, will provide speeds as fast as 3.5Mbps, depending on the distance of the customer's home from the DSLAM.

For the trial, OPEN Networks will be providing the iConnectAccess624W, a wireless 4-Port ADSL, ADSL2/2+ Router; and a wired version in the iConnectAccess634.

Backwards compatible with regular ADSL services won't be an issue, said Nigel Clark, business development manager at OPEN Networks

"The units can be configured to detect the 'best available' line speed and automatically synchronise to that. So users can install them on an ADSL line and if they are upgraded to ADSL2/2+ the units will automatically detect this and ratchet up their speed," he said.

Internode's managing director, Simon Hackett, said the OPEN Networks' modem range was chosen following rigorous testing and joint development: "As an Australian company, OPEN Networks ability to offer timely, local logistical and product support," he added.

At this stage, the routers will only be available through ISPs such as Westnet, Primus and Internode; and system integrators.

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