Here Today, everywhere tomorrow

Here Today, everywhere tomorrow

What do you think will be the 'next big thing' in the industry?

JZ: Slowly, we are seeing the emergence of digital home entertainment, digital integration, digital lifestyle - no doubt this is where the industry is heading. We are starting to see elements of home entertainment integrated into IT products across the board.

What is the main focus of your company this year?

JZ: As you will see, TodayTech is expanding its product offerings exponentially. Our goal is to increase choices and complementary products for our customers, providing them with a complete solution. Rather than simply taking orders from customers, we also offer great service. This year, we will be putting a stronger emphasis on services in all eight offices across Australia. Service is something we are good at but want to make even better. We will also be fine-tuning our internal structure, streamlining operations and making the organisation even more efficient and cost effective.

What do you do when you are not at work?

JZ: I enjoy playing sports such as badminton and golf. I also encourage all my staff to play sports and form teams.

Do you own any gadgets? If so, what is your favorite at the moment?

JZ: To be honest, I am not much of a gadget person. However, my favourite is my VoIP connection. It allows me to have endless conversations while I'm away on business trips. At the end of the month I won't be receiving a monstrous phone bill and it keeps me connected to my business and family.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

JZ: When I was little, I did not have a specific position in mind. However, I knew I always liked challenges, viewed things differently, had high standards and could see myself in a leadership role.

If you weren't in IT, what would you be doing now?

JZ: An alternative occupation has not crossed my mind. I could be in any job that requires good critical thinking and analytical skills.

What is your biggest ambition?

JZ: My biggest ambition is to extend TodayTech Group further and become a successful company with a strong presence in the Asian-Pacific region. Not only would TodayTech be recognised as a proud Australian company, but it would also have the ability to compete internationally.

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