Intel launches two Pentium M processors

Intel launches two Pentium M processors

As expected, Intel has rounded out its lineup of Pentium M processors, based on the 90-nanometer Dothan core, with two slower chips.

Notebook vendor Dell leaked the details of the new chips on its Web site following Intel's Dothan launch event in May. The Pentium M 725 and 715 processors, released Wednesday, are the latest chips based on the second generation of Intel's Banias mobile processor architecture. The Pentium M 755, 745 and 735 were introduced in May.

Chips based on the new Dothan core have double the Level 2 cache as their Banias predecessors and can run at faster clock speeds than the earlier processors. The fastest Dothan processors can achieve clock speeds of up to 2.0GHz, but the 725 and 715 processors run at the same clock speeds as earlier Banias chips.

The 725 processor runs at 1.6GHz, while the 715 chip runs at 1.5GHz. Both chips contain 2M bytes of Level 2 cache, double the 1M bytes of cache found on the Banias chips. The 725 chip costs US$241 and the 715 chip costs US$209, both in quantities of 1,000 units.

The Pentium M 725 and 715 processors are expected to arrive in Dell notebooks in the third quarter, a Dell spokesman said in May. Intel hopes that over 50 percent of its mobile processor shipments by the end of the third quarter will be based on the Dothan core, Intel executives said at the Dothan launch event.

Intel is also expected to introduce two low-power processors in the upcoming weeks, according to Dell. The low-voltage Pentium M 753 and 733 chips are designed for ultraportable notebooks and embedded applications

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