The Next Generation

The Next Generation

Market nous

Lenovo's Luburic said the integrated 3G rollout could be a big deal for partners, provided it targeted the right customers.

He said the sweet spot was in the high-end SMB and government markets.

"These customers want long lifecycle product, and require reliability and durability as top attributes," Luburic said.

Looking ahead, Lenovo plans to include embedded 3G into its value range, the R and Z series, later this year.

"The embedded aspect of 3G is significant in that there is no need to manage a second piece of hardware. This boosts safety, reliability and performance," he said.

Fujitsu PC technical manager, David Niu, suggested embedded 3G was useful for road warriors who required a truly mobile Internet experience. The vendor will shortly launch its first 3G product, the lightweight LifeBook Q2010. It is currently in talks with all major telcos to supply telephony services. Corporate players are the target market.

"In the past, users had to rely on PDAs, mobile phones, and a combination of different hardware devices to achieve true mobility. Now they will only need one device," Niu said.

Fujitsu also plans to launch 3G on a few Tablet PCs, including the T4210 and P1510 convertible range.

Another top benefit was that connectivity is widely available, extending international roaming capability, Niu said.

Asked whether 3G will replace competing wireless broadband standard, WiMax, Niu said it could be considered a complementary technology.

"WiMax offers wide coverage, but on the road it's limited. The 3G mobile network coverage area is greater," he said.

Vodafone Australia national channel manager, Hastings Singh, said 3G's edge over WiMax was its clear upgrade path.

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