Gradient announces Web-secure product range

Gradient announces Web-secure product range

Distributed computing environment (DCE) specialist Gradient Technologies says its new WebCrusader product provides advances in intranet security. According to company sources, the DCE-based tool is designed to integrate Web applications and enterprise resources.

Additionally, DCE says that WebCrusader is one of the first Web products to solve the database integration problem.

"In the past, companies were faced with marrying a stateless technology - namely the Web - with a state-based environment, in other words a corporate system," said Matthew Walterhaussen, Gradient's technical marketing manager. "WebCrusader allows database management with a Web front-end."

Walterhaussen says the product operates according to a three-tier system where the client is fed by two servers: the application server and the database server. He says the application server provides the business logic, application processing and checks authorisation, while the database server stores the data. The result, according to the company, is "powerful end-to-end Web security".

Last year Gradient achieved a turnover of $12 million, double the previous year, and has increased its staff from 38 to nearly 100. The company attributes these results to the success of the DCE product suite.

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