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AX360. The Most Technically-Advanced Gaming Headset in the World

  • 27 July, 2006 21:13

<p>AUSTRALIA, Brisbane – 27 July 2006 -- NetOpt today announced the ultimate Gaming Headset – the AX360 - industry’s first high performance Dolby Digital and Pro Logic certified digital gaming headset for Xbox, Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation PS2 console gamers. The Audio Xtreme (AX) 360 provides true 5.1 digital, 360-degree surround sound offering gamers a breath taking gaming experience, as they can hear everything around them: from bullets flying above their heads, enemies approaching with a knife behind them, bombs ticking from far away and then exploding, enemies approaching slowly, background voices, the engines of the cars, and any detail the game features.</p>
<p>The AX360 connects to the console optical port to deliver optimum; Dolby certified 5.1 digital sound separations. For a radical and extreme gaming experience, the unit features eight (8) strategically placed speakers, four (4) in each ear cup. The external 5.1 audio controller amplifies each individual speaker to completely suck users into the game. The AX360 gives total control with inline adjustments for front, side, rear, and subwoofer to customise the users own audio extravaganza. The integrated rumble effect will blow their minds, giving them more realistic and immersed game play.</p>
<p>“Game developers are releasing their best titles in 5.1 and Dolby Digital to add a whole new dimension to the gaming experience,” said Chris Von Huben, president of TRITTON Technologies. “The AX360 is the most technically-advanced gaming headset in the world, giving gamers a true 360 degree sound field that they not only hear, but feel. Now gamers can personally experience extreme audio without disturbing friends, family, roommates or neighbours. It is not just about being loud; it is also about the total quality and sound separation that transcends gaming nirvana.”</p>
<p>The AX360 sound box can support two headsets to share in the chaos. Secondary headsets are available from NetOpt.</p>
<p>AX360 is not only the perfect gaming headset, it is also ideal for enjoying DVD movies to their original sound.</p>
<p>About NetOpt</p>
<p>NetOpt specialises in the distribution of niche products and leading edge technologies for the Consumer, Single Office Home Office and Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) through out Australia and New Zealand. We also provide Infrastructure Optimisation Solutions for the SME and Large Enterprise sector.</p>
<p>Reseller Inquires are welcome.</p>
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