Training in the spotlight at Storage Networking World

Training in the spotlight at Storage Networking World


The significant divide between information creators and the technical solutions used to store, access and protect it will be one of several key issues addressed at the forthcoming Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) conference.

Executive director of SNIA, Rob Stirling, said a large number of integrators, resellers and end-users didn't understand the big picture when it came to storage. Many were also not trained to implement interoperable solutions.

"There are about 200-300 people in Australia that have sat the SNIA certification exams. It should be 3000. Certainly in the channel area, players need to come up to speed," Stirling said.

The organisers of Storage Networking World hope to address this by getting end-users, the channel and SNIA approved trainers together at the September conference. Also intermingling for the first time will be members of the Records Management Association of Australia (RMAA), which is co-sponsoring the event, and the IT storage community.

Stirling claimed RMAA's involvement in the conference was a global first.

He said the US was behind Australia in amalgamating these two areas. For example, the American Records Management Association (ARMA) and SNIA only met for the first time this year.

"In the past when they talked about storage, they were talking about cardboard boxes. We've gone way past that now into the world of electronic storage and this conference is about how to cross that chasm, how to get the application people talking to the technology people," Stirling said.

"We're now reading about metadata and all these new trends in storage and that's great. But we have to involve the data creators in this process and help them to build the new cardboard box."

Storage Networking World will be held on September 26-27 at the Sydney Convention Centre. Presenters include Gartner storage vice-president, Phillip Sargeant, and SMI Initiative and SNIA US board of directors member, Ray Dunn. For more information, visit

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