Legend drops own screens for Hyundai range

Legend drops own screens for Hyundai range

Legend Corporation has abandoned its own branded range of LCD monitors and televisions in favour of distributing screens from Hyundai IT.

The Adelaide-based memory manufacturer has been selling Legend-branded consumer electronic goods since making a move into that space in mid-2004. While it had experienced success with other lines, such as set-top boxes, worldwide sales director, Rob Kester, said it had been difficult to get the same growth with monitors and TVs.

"It's very hard to get $2000 from a consumer if they only know you for set-top boxes or memory," he said. "It's better for us to take on a branded product and make inroads that way."

Legend has maintained a relationship with Hyundai's sister company, Hynix, for more than 10 years internationally.

Kester said the opportunity to work with Hyundai IT (formerly Hyundai ImageQuest) arose after the vendor parted ways with former distributor, Synnex, earlier this year.

"The change primarily came about because Hyundai had felt there wasn't a lot of focus to be had working with a distributor with five or six other brands," he said. "It's a good fit with us as we don't have any other products in that space."

Legend will have access to Hyundai's LCD monitors, LCD and plasma TVs, TV tuner enabled monitors and DVB-T digital set-top box LCD TVs. According to its financial assessment, the new products are expected to contribute $20 million in the next financial year.

While not actively bundling products together, Kester said the new range would help widen Legend's sales into traditional reseller and retailer sectors.

The company was now working on consolidating its range after its acquisition of local electronics vendor, Cable Accessories (Cabac), in May.

It was also keen to expand offerings in the MP3/MP4 and accessories space, Kester said.

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