Cabletron colours Spectrum

Cabletron colours Spectrum

Cabletron is stepping up its services efforts. Last week it announced the first official accreditation program for its Spectrum enterprise management platform.

Local Cabletron officials said that it is attempting to better equip resellers and support engineers with the expertise to use Spectrum within increasingly complex enterprise environments.

The program costs $50,000 for two engineers through four weeks of training with exams, and two-day lab tests and sales training. Also included is a complete range of Spectrum software.

Local Cabletron marketing manager Ian Fewtrell said that IS managers are coming under increasing pressure to meet service level requirements imposed to gauge companies' returns on their IT investment dollars.

"Organisations are setting up profit centres directly targeted at cost and service," he said.

As a result, IS managers are resorting to system management products in order to create more transparent windows into their core systems.

"Demand for Spectrum is reaching a peak," Fewtrell said. "We can't meet demand for support."

But while demand for products like Spectrum is on the rise, vendors too are being pressured to bring their management technologies up to scratch for the enterprise.

More demanding

"Spectrum has grown from being a network management product to an enterprise management product," Fewtrell said.

Efforts to improve Spectrum itself coupled with the new accreditation program reflect Cabletron's efforts to carve a deeper niche for itself within the enterprise space, Fewtrell says.

He added that while Cisco has had an accreditation program for some time, Cabletron's is more demanding and will be the next thing IT professionals will want on their CVs.

"Our training will provide a broader understanding of the IT environment," Fewtrell said.

So far one Australian company, Anite Networks, has signed up for the program.


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