Channel imposters be warned

Channel imposters be warned

The Australian reseller channel is straying towards a culture obsessed with unit shipments and profit margins at the expense of its customers, according to Lorraine Beck, CEO Australian Information Processing Centre (AIPC).

AIPC, one of Australia's most established Unix client/server product and service providers is currently seeking channel partners to support a new phase of its business development.

But according to Beck, the path is fraught with impostors and cowboys.

"The channel model in Australia is all wrong for our business needs," Beck said.

"We see no evidence of organisations using the channel in a way that would benefit us."

While AIPC has had over 10 years experience developing solutions for the enterprise, Beck said that the Australian channel harbours a large group of so called "value adders" in the client/server space which have little experience beyond the desktop.

"There are a lot of companies riding the wave of the PC bandwagon now marketing client/ server and network computing solutions."

No support

She added that this situation is perpetuating a culture within the channel which favours the quick sale and marginalises organisations with the proper background and expertise.

She said that there have been numerous cases recently where large clients have been burnt after investing in technology, only to receive inadequate implementation and support.

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