Intel's new Core Duos hit the street

Intel's new Core Duos hit the street

While no doubt attracted by recent Intel price cuts, whitebox builders should concentrate on selling its new dual-core processors, according to area sales manager, Andrew McLean.

Intel's new Core Duo 2 and Core 2 Extreme CPUs include five desktop and five mobile processors with prices ranging from $183 to $999 on the desktop. Mobile pricing was not immediately available.

"Price cuts are exciting but salespeople in any industry try to sell the latest," McLean said. "The channel has latest and greatest technology at a mainstream price point so why not try and hold an average selling price and give customer exceptional value."

McLean said the introduction of the new processors began to round out the new look Intel line-up with Centrino Duo on notebooks, Viiv in the lounge and vPro for desktops. Each platform was now underpinned by dual-core technology.

While clock speeds looked slower than some single-core processors on paper, McLean said consumer education had to come through the retail channel.

"The enthusiasts understand dual core, but in the consumer market we'll have to be pretty visible with a lot of benchmarking information for retail environments," he said. "We've had similar scenarios five or six years ago when we had Celerons at the same clock speed as Pentium 4 and had to differentiate them."

While the new dual core ranges largely replace single core CPUs, McLean said single-core Intel processors would still be seen at the bottom end of the market for at least another six months.

"When we've been gearing up all our factories for the 65-nanometre process, you'll find we won't be doing both for much longer," he said.

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