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Allied Telesyn only vendor offering complete range of 10/100/1000 Gigabit switches

  • 01 March, 2005 11:10

<p>Ethernet/IP company offers products for simple edge deployments, workgroups and departments, and core and server farm aggregation</p>
<p>SYDNEY, Australia –1 March 2005: Allied Telesyn International (Australia), provider of refined end-to-end networking technologies is currently the only network vendor designing and manufacturing a complete range of 10/100/1000 Gigabit switches for networks of all sizes. It offers products for simple edge deployments, larger workgroups and departments and more demanding core and server farm aggregation.</p>
<p>“The ideal Gigabit switch product is one that is designed, manufactured, tested and supported by the company that sold it to you. And for that, you need to look to Allied Telesyn,” said Mark Jackson, Managing Director of Allied Telesyn (Australia). “Many companies out there will be happy to sell you a product, but none of them are invested in it as deeply as we are.</p>
<p>“Allied Telesyn owns the factories, we stand by the quality processes, and we employ engineers that design the hardware and the code. We stand behind our products 100% and in today’s marketplace, that is not only a compelling advantage but a unique one,” he said.</p>
<p>Allied Telesyn Gigabit offerings cover all the possible requirements of a small to mid-sized enterprise, from core to access edge. It offers everything from NIC cards to simple, plug-and-play unmanaged switches to sophisticated, wire-speed Layer 3 solutions with state-of-the-art QoS, IPv6 capability and advanced security features. And because the company designs and builds its own products in its own global manufacturing plants, it is able to offer superior support for deployments, upgrades and troubleshooting.</p>
<p>Allied Telesyn is currently shipping three varieties of 10/100/1000 Gigabit switches, including unmanaged and managed options for Layer 2 and Layer 3. Although Gigabit switches are designed primarily for cost-sensitive small and medium business environments, Allied Telesyn offers solutions for any requirement – the unmanaged desktop GS900 series, the workgroup and departmental 9424T, the distribution and aggregation 9816GB and the MultiLayer 9900 series with advanced QoS for core and server farm aggregation.</p>
<p>MultiLayer Gigabit for Network Aggregation and Server Farms</p>
<p>IPv6 capable out-of-the-box, the MultiLayer 9900 series switch is ideal for users planning a network migration They are among the first non-chassis switches available that provide hardware-based IPv6.</p>
<p>With an enhanced feature set and hardware redundancy, the 9900s are designed for network administrators who seek an advanced — and more affordable — MultiLayer switch solution for network aggregation tier or server and IP storage farms. The AT-9924T is a 24-port 10/100/1000T switch with four additional small form factor pluggable (SFP) ports for fiber Gigabit Ethernet connections and available redundant AC or DC power supplies. The AT-9924SP is a 24-port SFP-only switch.</p>
<p>Distribution and Agregation MultiLayer Gigabitg Switch</p>
<p>The AT-9800 series of MultiLayer switches are built to meet the needs of high performance network services. The AT-9800 Series reaches new and unmatched heights in performance, flexibility, and reliability.</p>
<p>Packaged in a 1.5RU standard rack mount chassis, the AT-9800 series incorporates a 32Gbps switching core that yields 24 Million packets per second wire-speed layer 3 IP and IPX switching performance.</p>
<p>GBIC interfaces provide ultimate port flexibility, supporting any combination of gigabit copper or fibre for short haul and long haul. GBIC interfaces are hot-swappable, and an optional redundant power supply provides added reliability.</p>
<p>Combined with very low latency, comprehensive quality of service features operating at wirespeed provide flow based traffic management with full prioritisation and classification, and min/max bandwidth profiles. This is an ideal solution for high-end aggregation in multi-casting and combined voice, data, and video applications.</p>
<p>Together with Allied Telesyn's advanced software feature set, AlliedWare, the AT-9800 series is a superior switching solution in the mid-tier aggregation layer.</p>
<p>Layer 2+ Gigabit for Workgroup and Departments</p>
<p>The 9424T is a high-value, tri-speed 10/100/1000 switch that provides Layer 2-4 intelligence at a Layer 2 price. Advanced detection and suppression capabilities protect networks against malicious attacks, and Layer 2+ adds a host of features for customized management, security, and Quality of Service.</p>
<p>The AT-9424T is a 1RU, 24-port Layer 2+ Switch with 2 standby 10/100/1000Base-T ports and a choice of 2 active GBIC or SFP slots. It features 35.7Mpps of throughput, enhanced stacking ability for centralized management, and Layer 2 redundancy in the form of IEEE 802.1s Multiple STP, 802.3ad Link Aggregation, 802.1D Spanning Tree and 802.1w Rapid STP.</p>
<p>Unmanaged L2 Gigabit for Desktop and Small Networks</p>
<p>Seven models currently make up the simple, easy-to-deploy unmanaged Layer 2 GS900 series, including 5-port, 8-port, 16-port and 24-port versions. 8, 16 and 24-port version are available with Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) expansion bay options.</p>
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<p>Government and education pricing is available. Dealers should contact Allied Telesyn distributor partners. For more information please go to or call 1800 000 880.</p>
<p>About Allied Telesyn International</p>
<p>Allied Telesyn International, provider of refined end to end networking technologies, was founded in 1987. The company’s complete range includes routers, network extenders, media converters, switches, wireless, transceivers, LAN, adapter cards, network software, and hubs. Allied Telesyn International has its main offices in Tokyo, Bothell (USA), and Chiasso (Switzerland) with over 2,000 employees worldwide. The company’s Australian division was established in Sydney in 1996. For more information go to:</p>
<p>For media information contact:
John Back
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