Iomega Revs up tape market with disk alternative

Iomega Revs up tape market with disk alternative

Iomega has doubled the capacity of its 35GB Rev removable hard drive which challenge the tape back-up market by offering faster file restoring.

The I/O rate of the 70GB Rev -- the reinvented version of Iomega's once ubiquitous Zip and Jaz drives -- has gone up too, from 25 to 30Mbit/s.

Using a tape system will probably still work out cheaper over time than Iomega's system but disk is much faster, especially at restoring files. And the reason why no one else has a disk-based autoloader is because only Iomega has disks that are flat enough and thin enough to fit inside an auto loader's casing.

Iomega has been struggling to find Zip/Jaz replacement products and the Rev it seems is the chosen one, now in its second generation. The company also has new senior management and no longer looks like a company up for sale.

However, to some it no longer looks like a storage company for the long-haul either. Recently it bought a managed services company called CSCI, which gives it hundreds of customers using OfficeScreen, CSCI's managed virtual private network (VPNs) that securely link offices and remote workers in small and medium businesses. The purchase marked a move away from Iomega as a storage company, with its CEO Jonathan Huberman saying at the time: "With the addition of OfficeScreen, Iomega is taking the first step toward becoming a managed services company."

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