Altech touts built-to-order MSI notebooks

Altech touts built-to-order MSI notebooks

Altech hopes to have the first of its MSI-branded notebooks available by the end of the month. A number of models are expected to follow in subsequent months.

The distributor's national sales manager, Kevin Hartin, said it had spent more than a year looking for a whitebook vendor. Previously, it had only carried Samsung notebooks in the mid- to high-end space.

"We've supported the Intel built-to-order program for 12 months and have been looking for the right partner to do something in that space," he said. "We evaluated products that were coming through Synnex but decided they weren't for us. With MSI restructuring in Australia, we felt its notebooks met our requirements."

Altech will initially release 12-inch and 15-inch widescreen models. Hartin said there were another seven or eight models currently under evaluation.

Despite taking on a whitebook range, Hartin said the distributor wouldn't be chasing the lower end of the market.

"Everyone talks up the sub-$1000 price point but the opportunity that built-to-order provides doesn't really angle it towards super-low prices," he said. "If you look at the specifications of those cheaper machines, they're generation minus one or two in technology terms. MSI is current generation technology."

Hartin said the MSI notebooks would allow Altech to offer a better mid-range value proposition than was available via similar tier-one devices. Initial reseller feedback had been favourable, he added.

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