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Resonance launches a new Snapshot Service for Data Centre's

  • 04 July, 2006 10:37

<p>The Snapshot Data Centre service provides customers with a detailed view of their data centre environment. Customers gain immediate visibility of the services running in their environment and the dependencies between the hosts and services. Collection of this data is an essential part of understanding your data centre environment.</p>
<p>Business Benefits</p>
<p>For IT executives looking for immediate IT cost reduction, Resonance snapshot is a complete, packaged service for real-time, automated optimisation of your application infrastructure.</p>
<p>Resonance snapshot is the only managed service without installing any agents, network scanners, spiders, or time-intensive involvement from your IT team.</p>
<p>The advantages and capabilities that Resonance can provide:</p>
<p>Cost reduction by data centre consolidation, better license management &amp; Usage Metering
• Better utilisation of existing servers and licenses.
• Identify over-capacity and optimisation opportunities.
• Accurate measurement of servers and services inventory.
• Usage measurement.</p>
<p>Increase system uptime
• Proactive monitoring and impact analysis of each individual server and service at the network, on other elements, applications and users.
• Notification on changes that have performance or security impact (such as new server, dead server, new service, changes in number of requests between 2 programs).
• Labor reduction.
• Automatic data acquisition to populate inventory data repository.
• Strong reporting capabilities for all of the above.
• Automatic continuous monitoring of the application environment for changes.</p>
<p>The Snapshot Data Centre Audit service includes:</p>
<p>• Most Used Services, Hosts and Connections reports.
• Inventory reports – Hosts, Services.
• Services by Host reports.
• Host Dependency reports.
• Services Dependency reports.</p>
<p>For more information please contact Resonance on 02 9409 1000 or visit</p>

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