Deconstructing draft 802.11n Wi-Fi hype

Deconstructing draft 802.11n Wi-Fi hype

Linksys recently became the latest company to officially announce a line of super-fast Wi-Fi products based on Draft 1 of the IEEE's proposed 802.11n standard. D-Link and Netgear have already announced such products.

However, the draft has been sent back to the drawing board following the May 2 announcement that it failed to muster the 75 per cent approval needed to move along in the ratification process.

A couple of points: Fast Wi-Fi isn't brand spanking new. Linksys itself, and other companies, already had products touting Ethernet-type speeds - in Linksys' case, the SRX400 line - based on the same MIMO technology that is the basis for 802.11n.

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