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Application acceleration – hit or myth?

  • 26 June, 2006 14:41

<p>The long running question mark over the true real time benefits of Application Acceleration (AA) technology has at last been solved.</p>
<p>Australian technology company Exinda Networks has developed the world’s first Application Response Measurement (ARM) software capable of assessing the true benefits of AA.</p>
<p>When combined with its own patented Application Acceleration (AA) software the Exinda Application Response Measurement (ARM) software recorded, in beta testing across a range of companies, performance improvements of up to 60 times the previous average real time rates of response.</p>
<p>The ARM and AA software is the latest addition to Exinda’s already leading edge network management hardware.</p>
<p>“AA is virtually useless without ARM to accurately gauge its results. It is even more useless if a business is incapable of determining where the faults lie in the system to enable maximum improvement,” said Exinda founder and executive director Mr Con Nikolouzakis.</p>
<p>He said all other performance management software available relied on “subjective” assessments from clients who had no way of knowing if their system was faster as a result of the AA programs.</p>
<p>“It is almost impossible to detect a millisecond improvement in email or application response times but it is critical for your network that is performing millions of functions every second.</p>
<p>“Until now AA program could rarely live up to its full potential because a network may have had major problems in the first place either at the hardware or software end of the network that went undetected.</p>
<p>“With the Exinda ARM and AA software working in conjunction with our network management tools we can have a network operating at significantly greater efficiency within 24 hours of installation,” Mr Nikolouzakis.</p>
<p>AA takes known packets of information and stops them being resent unnecessarily. For example, a 10 megabyte PowerPoint presentation is sent once but the AA software recognises the document and only send the changes, that may be 150k instead of 10 megabytes, each time.</p>
<p>He said the performance benefits could be measured in milliseconds or even seconds.</p>
<p>“It doesn’t sound like a lot in real time for email but even a one second delay on your VoIP network makes it very cumbersome to use,” Mr Nikolouzakis said.</p>
<p>By implementing Exinda’s AA and ARM technology together network performance in certain environments can be improved by as much as 60 times the current rate.</p>
<p>Exinda’s AA feature includes wide area network (WAN) memory, which reduces the amount of data on the WAN, and TCP Acceleration, which speeds data transfers across the WAN. Exinda’s ARM technology measures system performance at the application layer and determines whether delays exist in the network or in the server.</p>
<p>Having Exinda’s AA and ARM features on the same appliance eliminates the problem of correlating network data from two logically different systems. Recent network performance testing of the combined AA and ARM features measured a fifteen fold improvement for Web-based applications and a 45 fold improvement to file transfer applications.</p>
<p>“The new features solve the common problem with existing solutions which required organizations to purchase at least two separate systems, one for accelerating applications across the WAN and another for measuring the improvement in application response times.”</p>
<p>“Our focus is not only getting inside the WAN optimization space but also across the routing, switching and security platforms,” continued Nikolouzakis. “We’re seeing WAN optimization extending into many systems.”</p>
<p>Pricing and Availability
ARM is a free software module available today for clients with current software subscriptions and is included in all 47xx and 67xx platforms with firmware version 4.60 and above.</p>
<p>Application Acceleration is being released with Exinda’s newest product series, the 4800 and the 6800 appliances, with first customer ship date this month. Pricing ranges from approximately $7,500 to $31,250 depending upon the type of appliance.</p>
Con Nikolouzakis, Exinda Networks, + 61 3 9415 8332</p>
<p>About Exinda Networks
Exinda Networks is a global supplier of intelligent application traffic management systems for enterprise, government and service provider clients. Founded in 2003, Exinda's mission is to ensure predictable network performance, maximize network productivity and reduce network operating costs. Exinda solutions have been deployed in over 15 countries. Exinda's 4700 appliance received ZDnet's Technology &amp; Business magazine's 2005 Editor's Choice Award for ease of use and excellence in traffic monitoring and reporting. Exinda's award winning technology is available by contacting leading resellers or Exinda directly. Exinda's research and development offices are headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. For more information, visit .</p>

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