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Princeton Softech announces expanded Archiving for Peoplesoft Applications, Partner Alliance and Peoplesoft Certification

  • 28 June, 2004 12:14

<p>New Products, Alliance, and Certification Deliver on PeopleSoft’s Focus to Improve Customers’ Total Ownership Experience</p>
<p>Sydney, Australia — June 28, 2004 — Princeton Softech, the market leader in enterprise database archiving, today announced expanded archiving for PeopleSoft applications, acceptance into PeopleSoft’s Software Alliance Program, and successful completion of PeopleSoft integration certification testing. These steps ensure that PeopleSoft sites have the option to implement comprehensive and certified database archiving capabilities for PeopleSoft.</p>
<p>The newest releases of Princeton Softech’s Active Archive Solutions for the PeopleSoft Enterprise product family are the industry’s first to successfully complete PeopleSoft’s rigorous integration certification testing providing predefined archive templates for PeopleSoft Human Capital Management’s Base Benefits, Benefits Administration and Time and Labor modules, adding to the predefined archive templates that these solutions already deliver for PeopleSoft applications, including those for Financial Management Solutions. Princeton Softech’s Archive Template Designer and predefined templates help companies implement a consistent database archiving methodology across PeopleSoft applications, as well as manage database growth, while reducing costs.</p>
<p>"Because of the expansive growth of our PeopleSoft Financials database, a critical application upgrade was initially projected to exceed 140 hours in process time, which was completely unacceptable because of our weekly production requirements," said Cliff Rizzo, vice president Information Technology, VOLT Information Sciences, Inc. “By implementing Princeton Softech's Archive for Servers for PeopleSoft Enterprise Edition we were able to safely archive 40 percent of our production data, which dramatically decreased the projected time required to upgrade. In addition, archiving improved application performance by more than 40 percent, as well as significantly decreasing the run times of several key processes. Our Time and Labor processing experienced a 63 percent improvement, Billing 57 percent and Accounts Receivable processing better than 50 percent. We are convinced that our selection of Princeton’s solution was the right one.”</p>
<p>“We have an increasing number of highly satisfied PeopleSoft customers. Our proven database archiving solutions deliver a wide range of predefined archive templates and business integrity checks, and provide low-cost options for storing archived data based on its business value and access requirements,” said Paul Winn, CEO, Princeton Softech. Companies have already reduced upgrade time by 50 percent, improved processing performance up to 75 percent and increased reporting performance by 50 percent or more.”</p>
<p>Princeton Softech’s Active Archive Solutions for PeopleSoft Enterprise enable companies to proactively manage critical database growth while maximizing application performance and availability. These solutions address strategic issues, such as improving service level requirements, managing business operations risk, reducing production IT infrastructure costs and faster easier upgrades to new versions of PeopleSoft Enterprise products.</p>
<p>“Princeton Softech’s archiving solution integrated into products in the PeopleSoft Enterprise product family has been adopted by a number of our customers,” said Jesper Andersen, group general manager and vice president, PeopleSoft Tools and Technology. “Princeton Softech provides our customers with a proven means for moving PeopleSoft transactional business information through the complete information lifecycle, from the production environment to the most cost-effective long-term storage medium — typically external to a PeopleSoft database.”</p>
<p>Database archiving enables PeopleSoft Enterprise customers to address important challenges, including the high cost of expansive database growth and the need to retain data for compliance requirements. Customers can also address Information Lifecycle Management needs, making it easier and faster to implement application upgrades and to operate more efficiently. In addition, customer risk is mitigated because of improved disaster recovery windows, financial visibility into current and historical data, and sustained compliance through long-term retention.</p>
<p>Princeton Softech’s Active Archive Solutions are available across all supported PeopleSoft Enterprise databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 and across PeopleSoft Enterprise versions 7.5 through 8.8 in the mainframe, open systems and Unix environments. The heterogeneity of Princeton Softech’s Active Archive Solutions makes it easy for companies to extend their archiving strategy across the enterprise from one PeopleSoft Enterprise application to another.</p>
<p>About Princeton Softech, Inc.
Princeton Softech (, the market leader in database archiving, delivers comprehensive enterprise data management software solutions for the leading applications, databases, operating systems and hardware platforms. Princeton Softech’s Active Archive™ Solutions enable companies to manage and store data, based on its business value, critical for information lifecycle management (ILM). Our Relational Tools™ provide test data management capabilities that improve application quality and reliability. Companies can maximize application performance and availability, while reducing their total cost of ownership. Princeton Softech's products are used by more than 2,100 of the world's largest companies across industries in more than 30 countries. Princeton Softech is financed by Apax Partners, Inc. and LLR Partners.</p>
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