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NetComm Launches Managed VLAN Switch to Help SMEs Improve Traffic Management

  • 19 June, 2006 13:18

<p>NetComm, a leading provider of communications products and services, has announced the launch of a new Fast Ethernet managed switch – the NP2624M VLAN Managed Switch (24 port). The switch is the perfect tool for small businesses that have an Ethernet infrastructure in place – providing an efficient way to manage network traffic.</p>
<p>The high performance switch ensures better network load balancing for particular types of applications such as VoIP or video and allows the categorisation of users into specific Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) to better manage network bandwidth requirements. A VLAN works like a “pocket” within an overall network structure where data from specific applications or users can be separated from the main network traffic.</p>
<p>“The NP2624M managed switch is an ideal solution for a diverse range of small or medium businesses and further strengths NetComm’s commitment to providing proven solutions to this market,” said David Stewart, Managing Director, NetComm. “For example, within the hospitality industry, it is an easy-to-use solution for hotels and motels for automated guest billing for Internet usage (in conjunction with NetComm’s HotSpot range), or it offers SMEs with high network requirements a solution to better manage various application loads.”</p>
<p>The hospitality industry can use the unit’s IEEE 802.1q VLAN feature to track which location (such as a broadband port in a particular hotel room) has accessed the Internet service. With this port mapping function, the switch then interfaces directly with NetComm’s IAC400 Internet Access Controller to track the usage time and charge the guest appropriately.</p>
<p>Alternatively, small and medium businesses with demanding network requirements can use the switch as a load balancing tool by prioritising traffic for specific applications or groups of users. This in turn delivers network users greater speed, response times and an overall increase in Quality of Service (QoS). The unit allows easy management by a network administrator through a web interface or the on-board console port.</p>
<p>The NP2624M Managed Switch is easily integrated into a network configuration and incorporates 802.1q VLAN tagging to support modern day network applications. The unit also comes with two Gigabit Uplink ports and optional mini-GBIC modules for fibre and/or copper gigabit connections.</p>
<p>The NP2624M 24-port Fast Ethernet VLAN Managed Switch is available now through NetComm product stockits nationally for AUD$800 (inc. GST). Product inquiries can be made to 02 9424 2070 or
<p>About NetComm</p>
<p>NetComm is Australia's leading provider of broadband hardware solutions. It holds a commanding position in the key markets of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), high-speed networking, wireless, hotspots and digital surveillance systems, and is developing a strong presence in the VoIP sector. NetComm products are researched, developed and engineered in Australia to meet local requirements and conditions. The company has a history of sustained growth and innovation, and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: NTC).
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