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Micromuse launches version 3.0 of the Netcool®/Impact ™ application

  • 28 June, 2004 11:25

<p>Leading Business Impact Analysis Solution Now Provides Unprecedented Intelligence and Flexibility</p>
<p>SYDNEY, Australia, 28 June, 2004 – Micromuse Inc. (Nasdaq: MUSE), the leading provider of ultra-scalable, realtime business and service assurance software, announced the general availability of Netcool/Impact version 3.0, its patented market-leading solution for advanced diagnosis, business impact analysis and automated problem resolution. Netcool/Impact version 3.0 enhances the Netcool/Impact Product Family with ‘automated intelligence’ features that further streamline the management of IT-based business services.</p>
<p>“EarthLink is a customer-oriented organisation and Netcool/Impact version 3.0 will enrich the network data we maintain with additional detail about customers’ connectivity, workflow procedures and our service-level agreements with vendors,” said Doug McClure, Senior Manager, Fault and Performance Management at EarthLink (Nasdaq: ELNK), one of the leading Internet service providers in the USA. “Netcool/Impact version 3.0 will enhance our network management with intelligent, automated problem responses and procedures that facilitate communication among our engineers and help us provide the fast, reliable Internet connection that our customers expect.”</p>
<p>"As IT environments mature and become fully integrated, organisations need to learn how to extend service management beyond traditional network, systems and applications to the monitoring of business activity,” said Sanjay Mewada, Vice President of the Yankee Group's Telecom Software Strategies Planning Service. “There is a real need for a solution that will provide organisations with end-to-end visibility into IT operations and critical business processes. It will help organisations take that first step towards managing core business processes through monitoring of preset metrics that represent the health of the business".</p>
<p>“We have listened carefully to our 400-plus existing Netcool/Impact customers and responded by extending the core system with unprecedented intelligence and flexibility,” said Craig Farrell, Micromuse’s Chief Technology Officer. “Netcool/Impact version 3.0 incorporates many enhancements that simplify the overall management of the business service environment, not only by automating several crucial stages of the event lifecycle, but by providing operations teams with even more useful IT infrastructure information at their fingertips, helping them to make better-informed business decisions.”</p>
<p>Netcool/Impact version 3.0 offers the following enhancements:</p>
<p>* Greater scalability via clustering of Netcool/Impact servers. The clustering capability provides server load balancing, which enables a set of policies to be created on one server and then allows extra servers to be added to provide additional processing power for those policies. This enables customers to take advantage of the cost-effective processing power offered by Linux servers.</p>
<p>* An enhanced look-and-feel that benefits both advanced and beginning users. The new Web-based interface provides experienced users with advanced methods for quickly and reliably inputting policies. In addition, it provides increased ease of use for common policies, via wizards, that helps unfamiliar users rapidly build useful policies out-of-the-box.</p>
<p>* The event listener service provides more robust communications with devices in the infrastructure; and more flexible action triggering allows Netcool/Impact to act when an event occurs in a data source.</p>
<p>* A unique set of off-the-shelf operational reports that allow users to track efficiencies such as ROI and operator efficiency, by inputting a few simple variables.</p>
<p>* Enhanced configuration management, under which policies and data sources are stored in a source code control system that acts as an integrated development environment for advanced users.</p>
<p>About Netcool/Impact</p>
<p>Part of the Netcool Suite for end-to-end Business &amp; Service Assurance, Netcool/Impact provides the realtime business impact analysis for specific events across business and IT operations. It allows Netcool customers to see how collected events originating from virtually any source will impact business processes, services and business-critical applications.</p>
<p>Netcool/Impact retrieves business process, customer and service information directly from a variety of popular databases and file types. As events occur, Netcool/Impact automatically enriches with contextual information relevant to the handling of that specific event. This "enriched" event gives you the knowledge needed to define advanced resolution policies and take automatic corrective action on events in realtime. In addition Netcool/Impact can escalate events to email, pagers and other systems - ensuring fast and efficient notification. Netcool/Impact's analysis of events helps you prioritise work and focus on business-critical events.</p>
<p>About Netcool
Micromuse's Netcool software solutions provide businesses with the assurance that their applications and services are up and operating. By allowing our customers to see what's happening throughout the infrastructure in realtime, Netcool applications enable them to respond to problems before revenue-supporting services are affected.</p>
<p>Netcool applications install out-of-the-box, deploy rapidly and scale to the largest environments. Micromuse's flagship, Netcool/OMNIbus application, includes a library of off-the-shelf software modules that allow our customers to collect and consolidate information from more than 1,000 environments spanning applications, systems, voice and IP, cable/broadband, switches and routers, and enterprise management systems.</p>
<p>About Micromuse</p>
<p>Micromuse Inc. (Nasdaq: MUSE) is the leading provider of realtime business and service assurance software solutions. The Netcool® software suite provides organisations with the assurance that their IT systems are supporting and driving profits 24 hours a day. Unlike traditional infrastructure management systems, Netcool solutions provide realtime end-to-end visibility and accurate troubleshooting from a business perspective. Such business intelligence allows organisations to respond to problems quickly, streamline workflow processes and improve business uptime. Globally, Micromuse customers include BT, Cable &amp; Wireless, Deutsche Telekom, EarthLink, GE Appliances, ITC^DeltaCom, J.P. Morgan Chase, MCI, T-Mobile and Verizon. Micromuse’s customers in Australia include Telstra Global Operations Centre, British Telecom Global Services - Asia Pacific, and Ericsson Australia - Network Operations Centre. Sydney is the regional headquarters for Micromuse Asia Pacific and includes sales, technical support and the administrative functions for the region. Micromuse is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information go to</p>
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