Wedgetail acquisition to ease Windows, Linux integration

Wedgetail acquisition to ease Windows, Linux integration

Originally spun off from the Distributed Systems Technology Centre (DSTC) in Brisbane, IT security company Wedgetail Communications has been acquired by US-based Vintela in a deal the company claims will make integrating Windows and Linux environments easier.

An unspecified amount of stock was transferred for the acquisition and Wedgetail will assume the Vintela brand. Vintela has also received an additional $3.4 million in venture funding as a result.

Wedgetail’s general manager of business and product development Bren Caperon said the basic issue is that desktops are often Windows-based with Windows client applications like Internet Explorer.

“We address the problem of when you authenticate you have credentials so you never have to authenticate again by implementing the Windows authentication protocols for Java,” Caperon said. “Wedgetail covers the Java-Windows side and Vintela extends the same capability into the Linux world which is integrated into Active Directory and is packaged and supported.”

Caperon said there will always be a mixture of Windows and Linux and the interoperability spot is something Microsoft cares about but doesn’t want to solve.

“The Windows authentication side never really took off here and I’m seeing more interest in the Linux side,” he said. “The acquisition will enable us to address that market.”

Caperon plans to increase channel sales development as Microsoft distributors can distribute Vintela.

“There are product and services opportunities for systems integrators and this technology takes the pain out of integration work,” he said. Vintela also unifies management of Windows and Linux systems.

“On the management side, Microsoft’s products have always been seen as a toy but now people are taking them more seriously,” Caperon said. “If it’s part of the infrastructure it will be easier to use as a lot of administrators have grown up as only Microsoft administrators. The idea of managing Linux systems from Windows is not a full reality but goes a long way, for example, with software and patch management.”

Caperon said the acquisition of Wedgetail is an endorsement of what the DSTC has done and its determination to make Wedgetail a success.

“The last few years have been hard for Australian IT companies and this was a logical outcome,” he said.

Vintela has plans for a monitoring solution that will go head to head with Computer Associates, HP, and IBM’s Tivoli.

“Due to the cost of existing solutions we can offer affordable ones that address 80 percent of requirements,” Caperon said. “These are big players and the challenge for us is to position ourselves differently and offer real value. By using the SMS console customers are leveraging investments in training and licensing to manage Linux platforms. This simplifies identity and management architectures by using technologies you already have.”

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