Notes from the Field: CA execs cop a plea, Sun's McNealy set free

Notes from the Field: CA execs cop a plea, Sun's McNealy set free

Some stories do have happy endings. D-Link and Net timekeeper, Poul-Henning Kamp, have settled the dispute detailed in last week's screed. Current D-Link routers will continue to access Kamp's NTP servers, while future routers will ask elsewhere for the time; neither side would provide further details. D-Lightful. Next, we'll tackle that niggling Israel-Palestine problem.

Stephen & Kumar go to White (Collar Crime) Castle: When a US attorney talks about investigating a culture of corruption and fraud, you naturally assume she's talking about Congress. But Roslynn Mauskopf, US attorney for New York's Eastern District, was describing Computer Associates in 2000. Former CEO, Sanjay Kumar, and sales head, Stephen Richards, have pleaded guilty to, among other things, inventing a 35-day accounting month to juice up CA's revenue figures. You know, like that old Beatles song, 8.75 Days a Week?

Bad timing: Apparently Computer Associates is not the only high-tech company with a creative approach to time keeping. Cringester George V sent in an Oracle promotional calendar that features 31 days in the month of April - no word on what happened to the other four. Then again, if God had planned on adding an extra day to the calendar, I'm sure He would have consulted with Larry Ellison first.

Doing time: After 22 years of hauling the Sun across the sky on his chariot, Scott McNealy has stepped aside. Shortly after resigning his CEO post, McNealy gave an exclusive interview to The Register in which he said if it was up to him, he'd build more jails. I'm sure he just meant more comfortable jails - for Sanjay, Stephen and all those former Congressmen they'll soon be bunking with.

Over under sideways down: It appears I got my forwards backwards in a recent column. Steve Jobs declined to write the foreword (not the forward, as I had written) to former partner Steve Wozniak's upcoming tell-all. (Thanks to eagle-eyed reader Mark E for picking that nit.)

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