PC Briefs: AMD, Sony

PC Briefs: AMD, Sony

AMD 64 3400+ chip released

HP has released the first desktop PC to feature the AMD Athlon 64 processor 3400+ in Australia, the Compaq Presario SR1080AN. The Athlon 64 processor, which runs at 2.2GHz, will provide 32-bit software application performance and a simplified migration path to 64-bit applications. AMD claims the processor will help provide a more secure computing environment with AMD’s Enhanced Virus Protection (EVP) technology. EVP is designed to prevent certain types of viruses from replicating and spreading to other systems when combined with Microsoft’s data execution prevention in the upcoming Windows XP Service Pack 2. HP Australia market development manager for consumer PCs, Robert Bergqvist, said the processor was perfect for customers who required extreme PC power for activities such as running intensive applications, gaming, or photo and video editing. The SR1080AN also comes with 1GGB PC2700 memory, an NVIDIA GeForce FX5500 3D graphics card, a 160GB hard disk, and bundled software.

New optical head offers three formats

Sony has developed a single three-wavelength recording/playback optical head, capable of recording and playing-back three formats: Blu-ray Disc (BD), DVD and CD. Blu-ray Discs, which can store about 23GB of data, will be capable of recording and playing-back High Definition (HD) content such as HD broadcasting. Sony has commercialised what it claims is the world’s first BD recorder, the BDZ-S77, with the standard. The company said it would aim to commercialise the newly-developed three-wavelength optical head within two years. By promoting the technology, Sony said it would further reduce the number of parts used for achieving smaller­-sized optical heads and thus enhance product­ivity and reliability. This would contribute to market expansion by realising BD-related key devices to be utilised in various AV and IT products.

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