Software testing tool cuts out scripting

Software testing tool cuts out scripting

Aberro is rolling out an upgrade to its AberroTest tool, which automates the testing of Windows and Web applications without requiring scripting.

AberroTest 1.5 is a functional test automation tool that generated tests on the fly based on the behaviour of the application in the test, vice-president of marketing at Aberro, Steve Lafferty, said.

An approach called Adaptive Automated Testing is used, in which test authoring is not required.

The company cites benefits from its tool, such as shorter product development cycles, cost savings and ease-of-use. New in version 1.5 is the ability to map user interface elements in the tester to the actual application. This provides for improved performance.

"What we do differently [from other testing tools] is enable automated tested far earlier in the test cycle than any other [tool] available," he said.

The product attempts to alleviate developers and testers of the complexity of scripting-based tools.

"Software is changing faster and faster, with the scripting tools that are out there it's impossible for them to keep up with the rate of change," he said.

With AberroTest, the state and behaviour of an application are observed, and verification rules and algorithms verify application behaviour from the user interface through to the application data layer.

A combination of configurable data input and variations in test execution allow for a test configuration to generate thousands of tests, according to Aberro. Each run of a test exercises a different path through the application to provide for high test coverage.

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