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Allied Telesyn’s AT-FS708POE Simplifies the Management of Your Network

  • 09 May, 2006 09:53

<p>Allied Telesyn, a global provider of secure, end-to-end Ethernet/IP solutions for businesses of all sizes, has announced the release of its AT-FS708POE Layer 2 Unmanaged Fast Ethernet Switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities. The AT-FS708POE does not require complicated set-up as the auto-sensing ports enable seamless and simple connectivity between existing 10Mbps Ethernet and 1000Mbps Fast Ethernet UTP devices.</p>
<p>The AT-FS708POE comes with 8 RJ-45 ports for 10/100BaseT connections and 1 SFP port for Gigabit connection. The AT-FS708POE has the Smart Power Management functionality to adequate support 4 ports with continuous operation at 15.4W per port. Priority is set at first come first served basis.</p>
<p>Power over Ethernet is a mechanism for supplying power to network devices over the same cabling used to carry network traffic. PoE allows devices that require power, called Powered Devices (PDs), such as IP telephones, wireless LAN access points, and network cameras to receive power in addition to data, over existing infrastructure. This feature simplifies the network installation and maintenance by using the switch as a central power source for other network devices. With centralised power management improved energy efficiency, reduced electricity costs and enhanced troubleshooting capabilities, it is obvious that organisations can benefit from the AT-FS708POE as it eases network management and introduces cost savings by eliminating the need to install separate electrical wiring and power outlets.</p>
<p>PoE requires little configuration or management. The Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) automatically determines whether a device connected to a port is a powered device or not, and can determine the power class of the device. The PSE can supply up to 15.4 watts of power to the device, while at the same time providing standard Ethernet network functionality.</p>
<p>The AT-FS708POE provides powerful 10/100 switching solutions for the desktop and small network environments. The 8 port Fast Ethernet Switch comes with MDI/MDIX ports for simple connection to other hubs and switches. MDI/MDIX is the Ethernet port connection using twisted pair cabling to provide the physical and electrical connection between like devices. MDI ports connect to MDIX ports via straight-through twisted pair cabling; both MDI-to-MDI and MDIX-to-MDIX connections use crossover twisted pair cabling.</p>
<p>Other features include easy to read front panel LEDs showing ongoing switch status to simplify troubleshooting and full auto-negotiating 10/100 ports. Auto-Negotiation takes control of the cable when a connection is established to a network device. This enables the switch to detect the speed and duplex modes of attached devices, enabling it to automatically configure for the best possible performance.</p>
<p>“Designed for desktop and small network environments, the AT-FS708POE was developed with PoE capabilities to provide seamless and simple connectivity, especially in locations where local power access does not exist” said Levi Sutherland, Northern Regional Manager, Allied Telesyn Australia.</p>
<p>Allied Telesyn’s AT-FS708POE is available now, for more information please go to or call 1800 000 880.
About Allied Telesyn International</p>
<p>Allied Telesyn International, provider of refined end to end networking technologies, was founded in 1987. The company’s complete range includes routers, network extenders, media converters, switches, wireless, transceivers, LAN, adapter cards, network software, and hubs. Allied Telesyn International has its main offices in Tokyo, Bothell (USA), and Chiasso (Switzerland) with over 2,000 employees worldwide. The company’s Australian division was established in Sydney in 1996. For more information go to:</p>
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