Brightness lets down gaming screen

Brightness lets down gaming screen

The ultra-fast pixel response time of the VX922 ensures it's aimed squarely at the gaming market. ViewSonic claims the pixels can change from one colour to another (say, from green to blue) in a only 2ms. In our motion blur test, where we scroll text across the screen, there was some noticeable blurring on the edges of the letters when using black text on a white background. Blurring was less visible when different colours were used on coloured backgrounds. In any case, motion from movies and games was displayed without any noticeable blurring or ghosting.

The monitor is rated as having a brightness level of 270cd/m2 and its backlights certainly do produce a lot of light, most of which can be seen around the sides of the monitor during dark scenes. This can make movie watching slightly uncomfortable. When we put the monitor through DisplayMate, the brightness level wasn't as good as we had hoped it would be. Plenty of dark grey levels were indistinguishable on a black background. This was especially noticeable during DVDs with lots of dark scenes.

Its contrast though, which is rated as being 650:1, was very good. We could make out all light grey colour levels on a white background. The colour intensity tests in DisplayMate showed accurate increases in intensity and colour hues remained consistent. In fact, this model's colour reproduction was surprisingly good and we were pleased with the way our test photos were displayed (except for ones with dark areas). This was despite the monitor using a dithering effect to display all the colours that can be outputted by a graphics card. We tested it using the DVI input on a PC equipped with a GeForce FX 5200 graphics adapter.

Verdict: The screen performed well in our motion tests, so if you're a serious gamer, then this monitor may be one worth checking out. It was let down by its brightness, which may affect the way dark images are displayed.

Specifications: 19-inch screen size; DVI input; analogue VGA input; 2ms response time (grey to grey); 270cd/m2 brightness; 650:1 contrast ratio; over 16 million colours; 140 degrees horizontal viewable angle; 135 degrees vertical viewable angle; Twisted Nematic panel.

The product is distributed by Synnex and Ingram Micro.

RRP: $849

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