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NewTek Announces LightWave 3D® [8] Release

  • 01 July, 2004 14:57

<p>NewTek Announces LightWave 3D® [8] Release New Edition of Emmy®-Winning 3D Application Adds Powerful New Character Tools and Dynamics</p>
<p>San Antonio, Texas ­ June 30, 2004 -- NewTek, Inc., manufacturer of industry-leading 3D animation and video products, today announced that the latest edition of Emmy-winning LightWave 3D® will begin shipping today. LightWave® [8] adds a wide range of new character animation tools and dynamics to the robust modeling, animation and rendering capabilities that have made LightWave a leading production tool in film, broadcast, print, game development, and web development.</p>
<p>"LightWave 3D is the cornerstone of many of the most sophisticated and efficient pipelines in the 3D graphics industry," said Jim Plant, CEO and President of NewTek, Inc. "We are very pleased to bring an extensive new set of tools and improved workflow to what is already considered the most complete and affordable professional solution for 3D content creation. Our users are already finding that LightWave [8] will boost productivity for any pipeline and integrates easily with other popular production tools."</p>
<p>LightWave's character animation system is enhanced with faster inverse and forward kinematics, import and export functions for character rigs that make it easy to apply rigs to new meshes, as well as the ability to cut, paste and adjust hierarchies with speed and ease. Setup and control of character animation is fast, flexible and intuitive, with many users reporting that they can now rig in LightWave in a fraction of the time it would take in other popular character animation systems.</p>
<p>"The Captain Scarlet project requires fast and precise CG production with a terrific photo-real look, and the solution to those needs is NewTek's LightWave 3D," said Ron Thornton, CG Producer for Scarlet Digital Imaging Ltd. "LightWave's native renderer was what just we needed in order to achieve the photo-realistic look we required. As for the modeling and animation, LightWave was designed with this kind of production in mind, and gave us the speed and flexibility we needed to meet production deadlines with absolute control and quality."</p>
<p>Rigid body dynamics are new to the LightWave toolset, and the cloth and soft body dynamics tools have been enhanced for greater speed and easier setup and control. Cloth can not only be made to move naturally but the new "sewing" features allow the user to tear or separate sections in response to dynamic events. Another addition is that dynamics can be applied not only to meshes but to character skeletons - for example if the animator sends a heavy object on a collision path with a character, the character will automatically react to the strike with real-world motions, based on where the object impacts the character.</p>
<p>"I've always felt that LightWave was the best all-around value for feature-film quality 3D. Right out of the box, the modeling, rendering and animation tools deliver exactly what I need to accomplish my production work, and with the new additions in LightWave [8] for dynamics, character rigging and IK, I can't imagine using anything else," commented Timothy Albee, independent filmmaker, Kaze: Ghost Warrior.</p>
<p>The LightWave [8] update also features enhanced modeling tools, including a variety of edge tools, filleting and chamfering via the new Rounder tool, and a variety of other ways to quickly create new geometry, for easy modeling of any needed form, organic, architectural or mechanical. Workflow has been enhanced with a powerful new scene editor with spreadsheet and dopesheet, a dopetrack view, a node-based expression editor, and enhanced OpenGL displays for the viewports in both Layout and Modeler.</p>
<p>"The new animation tools in LightWave [8] have made all the difference for us," said Pancho Eekels, Lead Designer, Digital Extremes. "We have always made great use of LightWave's powerful modeler but with the new animation tools we can accomplish everything we need with LightWave right out of the box. We're using LightWave as our exclusive 3D application for production of our new game, Dark Sector."</p>
<p>LightWave 3D [8] Enhancements:
• Improved workflow in Layout and Modeler
• Rigid Body Dynamics
• Improved Soft Body Dynamics
• Faster IK, FK
• Bone Dynamics
• More powerful and flexible character animation controls and tools
• Improved character setup workflow
• New Particle System Tools
• Animatable UV coordinates
• Improvements to LScript(TM) scripting language and to the API</p>
<p>Pricing and Availability
LightWave 3D [8] is available for a suggested retail price of $2799 (inc GST). Registered owners of LightWave 3D [7.5] or earlier are eligible to purchase a LightWave [8] Electronic Upgrade Pack for $899 (inc GST Aust$). To locate the nearest authorized reseller see "where to buy" section at For more information on the items offered and where to purchase, visit: or call New Magic Sales at (02) 9528 4555, NZ callers dial + 612 9528 4555.</p>
<p>About NewTek, Inc.
With headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, NewTek is a leading provider of full-featured video editing, animation and special effects tools including VT[3](TM), and LightWave 3D®, winner of the 2003 Primetime Emmy® Engineering Award. NewTek launched the desktop video revolution in 1990 with the release of the legendary Video Toaster®. The company's products are used worldwide on projects ranging from home video to feature film. Recent television and film projects using NewTek software include The Last Samurai, Threat Matrix, Children of Dune, Firefly, Taken, Smallville, Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek 10: Nemesis, Matrix Reloaded, Collateral Damage, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Agent Cody Banks, Daredevil, Spy Kids II, We Were Soldiers, Panic Room, Hart’s War, Driven, A.I., Oscar®-nominated Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Final Fantasy, Blackhawk Down, The Time Machine and Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Director’s Edition DVD. Recent game titles include Doom III, Unreal Tournament, Serious Sam for XBox, Age of Mythology, Civilization III, Dead to Rights, Baldur's Gate II, EverQuest and Escape From Monkey Island.</p>
<p>NewTek in Australia and New Zealand:
NewTek products proudly distributed in Australia and New Zealand by New Magic Australia:</p>
<p>New Magic Australia Pty Ltd
ABN 57 100 704 416</p>
<p>NSW Head Office:
34 Soldiers Road
Jannali, NSW, 2226
Phone (02) 9528 4555
Fax (02) 9589 2311</p>
<p>Melbourne Office:
Direct: (03) 9752 5200
Fax (02) 9589 2311</p>
<p>Web Site:</p>
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- VT[3], VT[3] Live, VT[3] Post, VT[2], VT-Edit, Aura Video Paint, LightWave Express, VT-CG, VT-Vision VT-Scope, VT-DRR, Tool Shed, Tool Chest, SX-8 and RS-8 are trademarks of NewTek, Inc.
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