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Workchoice rules already in place for Aurion customers

  • 19 April, 2006 15:46

<p>Brisbane-based HRMS software company Aurion says its Timekeeper module already complies with potentially costly nuances of the Workchoice initiative from the new Federal Government Fair Pay Commission.</p>
<p>The new Workchoice rules come into force over a five-year period starting in July this year.</p>
<p>"Standard entitlements covering base pay and casual loadings, daily working hours/start-stop times, annual, personal and parental leave are already managed within Timekeeper," said Aurion’s National Sales and Marketing Manager, Paul MacRae.</p>
<p>Timekeeper also can express management salaries as an hourly pay rate which, along with superannuation information, will be required to appear on all employees' pay slips. Aurion also already handles pro-rata annual leave accrual on monthly cycles, and calculates annual leave from the basic periodic rate of pay, net of entitlements.</p>
<p>MacRae says the system also handles calculations involved in the move from 'granted' to 'accrued' personal leave covering carer, compassionate and sick leave entitlements.</p>
<p>“Timekeeper also makes it easy for companies to comply with 'shut down' periods over Christmas and New Year, for example, where an employee can now only be directed to take leave where he or she has accrued enough leave to cover the shut-down period,” said Macrae.</p>
<p>"Moving from state award conditions to federal under Workchoices also will be easy for Aurion customers as the system already handles the implications of the new Notional Agreement Preserving a State Award (NAPSA) rules and Preserved State Agreements (PSAs)."</p>
<p>About Aurion's Timekeeper
Aurion’s Timekeeper is advanced time recording and pattern scheduling software.
Timekeeper lets customers design timesheets and other forms for time recording including activity costing and flexible working hours for autopay staff. Staff have their own work schedule which can be based on a pattern or rolling shift cycle or their own personal work schedule. Timekeeper pre-formats timesheets using the employee’s rotating shift cycles, approved roster or normal work times/hours. Staff may add new timesheets or update the default timesheet to reflect actual times/hours worked.
Timekeeper is integrated with Award Interpreter to fully automate time capture and payroll processing.</p>
<p>Timekeeper flexibility
Aurion Timekeeper is highly configurable, including the ability to define:
• Unlimited number of timesheet designs
• Timesheet periods from 1 week to 1 month
• Timesheet formats such as displaying time in Columns or Rows
• Timesheet view options such as daily, weekly and period
• Collect data for billing, general ledger costing and Activity Based Costing
• Flexible working arrangements such as using the Timesheet as a 'Flex Sheet'
• Personal Schedules, Rolling Roster Cycles and Personal Defaults
• Timesheet Limits and Defaults</p>
<p>About Award Interpreter
Aurion’s Award Interpreter uses start and stop times to calculate the pay rate(s)
to apply, the number of hours to pay and to update payroll. This includes calculating base payments, leave loading, shift penalty, public holiday or weekend penalty, fatigue and overtime payments for excess hours or shifts worked in a period.
The customer specifies payment rules for additional allowances including meals. For autopay staff, Award Interpreter processes variations to the standard pay. Employees can also enter expense claims through the timesheet. Award Interpreter is driven by user-defined rule-sets, making it fully configurable.</p>
<p>Award Interpreter is integrated with Timekeeper to fully automate time capture
and payroll processing.</p>
<p>About Aurion
Aurion Corporation is a leading provider of HRMS solutions in Australia, with a track record of innovation since its beginnings in 1985. It was the first company to deliver a HR Self Service system in Australia and one of the first globally.</p>
<p>Its performance measure is that all Aurion implementations are successful. It is wholly Australian owned. Queensland Government is the majority shareholder with Business Management Limited (BML) and the Aurion founders (the original development team remain as shareholders) holding the remaining equity. Aurion’s hundreds of Australian clients include News Ltd., Boeing, John Fairfax, Thiess and many state, local and federal government agencies.</p>
<p>More information:
Paul MacRae, telephone: 07 3368 9644 or mobile +61 400 826080</p>

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