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CIOs’ 2006 Priorities Focus on Innovation and Re-Generation, Reveals IDC

  • 12 April, 2006 10:21

<p>NORTH SYDNEY, April 12th, 2006 - CIOs continue to focus on efficiency and productivity driven projects into 2006 to free up funds for innovation according to IDC's latest predictions for 2006.</p>
<p>"IDC's CIO research has revealed the theme for 2006 is 'regeneration / next generation' said Catherin Bennett, Director for IDC's IT Management Programme. "However, CIOs need to carefully balance their budgets and resources if the 'wheels are to stay on' operationally at the same time as they develop new capabilities."</p>
<p>Customer satisfaction, ensuring projects are on-time and on-budget, as well as ensuring systems are available and reliable continue to be a part of 'keeping the wheels on'.</p>
<p>Furthermore, the pressure continues as ROI expectations require the majority of CIOs to deliver on investments within a 24 month timeframe…but with many projects in relation to 'dynamic resilience' this can be a challenge. Hence, the re-engineering of the supply chain through business process optimisation continues strongly on the agenda for CIOs.</p>
<p>However, CIOs are faced with the challenge of understanding where such capabilities can be sourced from and how ongoing support is going to be maintained successfully. So the search is on for business process outsourcing opportunities and the need for ‘flick the switch’ solutions to improve and seamlessly integrate a truly globalised supply chain.</p>
<p>"The challenge for CIOs is managing the risk of such integration efforts in order to free up innovation funds – how far do you go?" said Catherin Bennett, Director I.T. Management Programme, Australia and New Zealand.</p>
<p>To purchase this study, please contact Catherin Bennett on phone 02-9925-2259 or email</p>
<p>Join Catherin Bennett at IDC's 2006 Directions event on April 27th for her presentation "The CIO Exposed". This year's Directions event titled "Australia's Role in a Shrinking Globe: Seizing Opportunities in a Connected World" will bring together key players from the IT&amp;T industry in an exciting one day format. Throughout the day IDC analysts will apply IDC's rigorous methodologies and analysis to discern future trends, top growth opportunities, hot vertical segments and success strategies to help you understand how to maximize your opportunities in today's connected world.</p>
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