Leading Edge resolves Optus wind-up confusion

Leading Edge resolves Optus wind-up confusion

Optus has withdrawn a wind-up application order against the Leading Edge Group (LEG) for failure to pay bills totalling $97,000.

The application was lodged on January 23. The reseller buying group's CEO, Keith Lane, said the bills related to its Leading Edge Internet business, which had been sold to a separate company run by Brian Morris.

As part of its sales negotiations, the new owners were expected to take over paying all utilities bills from October last year, Lane said. However, it failed to pay usage invoices from Optus between December and January. Because the accounts had not been assigned to the new owners, the onus to pay fell on LEG.

Lane said the telco subsequently sent a statutory letter of demand, but not to LEG. As a result, the company was unaware that any action had been taken until receiving notification of a wind-up application.

"Optus sent the first demand to the wrong place," he said. "We knew the bill was there, but we thought it was being dealt with by Morris."

Lane said the bills had now been paid and the issue resolved. A notification for the dismissal of the wind-up application was lodged with the courts on March 7.

"It is unfortunate this went into the public domain; it caused us a lot of damage," he said. "By the time the notice came it was too late - it was very frustrating. This happened through carelessness and stupidity but it has been dealt with and is history."

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