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Fuji Xerox Printers Delivers The Latest Award Winning Printers

  • 02 July, 2004 11:15

<p>Catch Them If You Can</p>
<p>Fuji Xerox Printers Delivers The Latest Award Winning Printers</p>
<p>Sydney, 2 July, 2004 – Fuji Xerox Printers today announced the release of the new Phaser® 8400 and Phaser 7750 colour printers delivering unmatched speed, value and quality, while setting new standards for environmental considerations for performance office products.</p>
<p>Based on a new solid ink technology platform, from Fuji Xerox Printers, the Phaser 8400 delivers 24 full colour or black-and-white pages per minute and offers advanced features that set an industry standard for performance and functionality.</p>
<p>“Market demand for the solid ink printers range will see significant growth in the immediate term and with vast technological improvements it is easy to understand why users will increasingly choose this technology,” said Thomas Qureshi, Fuji Xerox Printers’ General Manager for Australia and New Zealand.
“The results speak for themselves, and the output from the new 8400 wins hands down in every print image comparison made with competing printers in its class and that is the real test. Office users literally fall in love with it!”</p>
<p>The Phaser 8400 uses 2400 FinePoint™ technology — proprietary Xerox image rendering software that produces image quality equivalent to 2400 dpi. This feature can be used when the highest image quality is necessary for items such as proposals, presentations and photos.</p>
<p>Customers can choose from four configurations, selecting the model that best meets their requirements and then upgrading to more advanced capabilities as printing needs grow. The Phaser 8400 has up to 512 MB of memory, automatic two-sided printing on two of the four available configurations, and includes a 500 MHz processor that enables the first-page-out in a mere six seconds.</p>
<p>As with all Fuji Xerox network printers, the Phaser 8400 is easy to install and has advanced web-based printer management tools including CentreWare® Web 3.0, PhaserSMART™ and an enhanced version of PrintingScout, which alerts people to potential printer issues and gives instructions on how to correct them. The printer also features Intelligent Ready, a software program that minimises printer warm-up time by responding to recent usage patterns.</p>
<p>The new Phaser 7750 Printer is designed for graphic artists or office professionals who need high quality, high-performance on-demand printing capabilities for day-to-day printing and pre-press proofing. It comes with a variety of colour management tools and print resolutions and is capable of printing at an extremely fast 35 pages per minute.</p>
<p>“The combination of speed, colour, image quality and robust design clearly puts the new Phaser 7750 at the head of the class,” continued Qureshi. “Further, our exclusive PhaserMatch 3.0 imaging technology allows output printed on the Phaser 7750 to match an offset press, so design professionals know that what they see in their office is what they will get in the print shop.”</p>
<p>PhaserMatch 3.0™ is an enhanced colour-matching tool that allows customers to create colour proofs on the Phaser 7750 that will accurately match the colour output produced on an offset printing press or other commercial printing device.</p>
<p>In addition, PhaserCal™ is a new colour-calibration software application from Xerox that guarantees accurate and consistent colour regardless of the page quantity, ensuring the first print looks exactly like the last.</p>
<p>PhaserMatch 3.0 and PhaserCal are critical for graphic design customers who want to expedite the creation and delivery of comps and press proofs to their clients without the expense and workflow disruption of engaging an outside service. Both tools are compatible with Windows and Mac OS environments.</p>
<p>The Phaser 7750 runs on a 715 MHz processor that prints the first colour page in less than 11 seconds and supports a 150,000 monthly duty cycle. It comes with USB 2.0 and Ethernet connectivity along with genuine Adobe PostScript 3. The printer has three print modes, including the ability to print at true 1200 dpi for fine detail and photographic images and supports an extensive range of media sizes, from a 10 x 15cm postcard to a 30 x 120cm banner sheet.</p>
<p>The Australian Eco Labelling Association has certified both printers for their environmental friendliness. Phaser 8400 and 7750 printers are immediately available through Fuji Xerox Printers’ channel partners. For a comprehensive list visit: Prices start at $2,995 (inc. GST) for the networked Phaser 8400 and $13,995 for the networked Phaser 7750.</p>
<p>March 2004 - PC Pro UK: 4 Stars "If you need a workhorse printer that's networkable and fast, then the Phaser 8400DX would be a valuable addition to your business."</p>
<p>March 2004 - PC World Magazine: honoured the Phaser 8400N with a Best Buy award and the number 2 spot on their "Top 10 Printer" chart for colour laser printers.</p>
<p>January 2004 – PC Magazine: David Stones states, "To say that the 8400DP is an impressive performer is an understatement".</p>
<p>April 2004 - PC Magazine - Editor's Choice Award - "The Xerox Phaser 7750/DN has significantly faster performance and, at the high end, offers more features dollar for dollar, making it a much better value and our clear choice."
Winner, Editors Choice - HP, Xerox Go Head to Head with Color Lasers - "The Xerox Phaser 7750/DN has significantly faster performance and, at the high end, offers more features dollar for dollar, making it a much better value and our clear choice."</p>
<p>About Fuji Xerox Printers, Australia:
With its Australian and New Zealand headquarters in Sydney, Fuji Xerox Printers is a world leader in printing solutions. Emerging with a new lease of life from the merger of Xerox ONP systems with Tektronix, some 4 years ago, Fuji Xerox Printers continues to build on Tektronix' 15 years of market-leading research and development combined with the Xerox know how and respected quality.</p>
<p>Fuji Xerox Printers offer a complete range of colour and black and white printers. Working through an extensive reseller channel the company offers a comprehensive range of printing solutions across the market for work-groups, departmental solutions, individual applications and even home office use. With their award-winning speed, quality, unmatched reliability and usability, Fuji Xerox printers are setting NEW performance standards for printing solutions in three key markets: Office (including work group &amp; departmental requirements), graphic arts (from desk top to pre-press proofing) and on-demand printing.</p>
<p>For information on Fuji Xerox Printers, Australia, simply call 1300 7XEROX or visit</p>
<p>Or for more information please contact:
Ms. Billy Cina
Fuji Xerox Printers, Australia
Tel: 02 9452 7016</p>

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