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Decideware’s partnership with ADR International yields benefits for Procurement Professionals

  • 05 April, 2006 11:29

<p>Decideware, an on-demand software company offering strategic sourcing software solutions, and ADR International Purchasing Consultants, a global consulting firm specialising in procurement and purchasing, have announced a strategic partnership that will benefit procurement professionals in Australia.</p>
<p>The two firms will jointly develop and co-promote ADR’s RNA™ - Relational Needs Analysis – a web-based diagnostic tool that analyses a client’s supplier relationship management practices and competencies.</p>
<p>Initially the agreement will cover the Australian market, with the expectation that the venture will extend globally in the future. The partners also see other synergies between their product offerings, which may lead to more joint initiatives.</p>
<p>John McCleland, Managing Director of ADR Australia, says: “The benefit of ADR RNA™ is that clients gain a deep understanding of where they need to focus to improve their supplier relationship management practices. “Decideware’s software expertise is valuable because it enhances this consulting tool - making RNA more powerful and easier to deploy in client organisations seeking a better understanding of how to improve value, delivery and performance from effective supplier management.”</p>
<p>ADR RNA™ enables a company and its suppliers to identify the current state of their relationship, and quantify and clarify views across both businesses of the quality of the relationship. ADR RNA™ also provides a business-wide gap analysis based on organisational, process and people aspects.</p>
<p>The tool transforms the way an organisation assesses and implements relationship improvement, acting as a catalyst for the implementation of an effective relationship management process.</p>
<p>It delivers a fast, cost-effective and precise route to identifying the causes and developing the solutions, improving financial and commercial performance by identifying the key areas where processes or capabilities are at their weakest. Based on a series of questions covering 17 relationship dynamics, ADR RNA™ reveals the critical differences in the perception of a relationship between two organisations. The resulting report gives new insights that provide the basis for action – from workshops, coaching and competency improvements to organisational changes and process overhaul.</p>
<p>ADR RNA™ can be applied to a range of activities, including improving an existing relationship, helping to select a new supplier, developing new pro-active management strategies, deciding who should be part of the supplier management team, and even changing a supplier.</p>
<p>Decideware Managing Director, Richard Benyon, says: “We will be targeting a broad range of customers, mainly larger companies where there are very significant opportunities to improve the way they manage supplier relationships and the ROI from those investments. Prospective customers will, of course be at different stages along the spectrum of supply management expertise, but ADR RNA™ helps every client to understand exactly where they can improve their supplier assessment processes.”</p>
<p>Target industries will include Australia’s pharmaceutical and foods industries, financial services, retail, manufacturing, automotive and the mining and minerals sector.</p>
<p>About Decideware</p>
<p>A privately owned Australian company with offices in Sydney, Canberra and Houston and a network of agents worldwide, Decideware offers a suite of 'on demand' business software applications based around decision-making, performance measurement and benchmarking. These are aimed at increasing business effectiveness and efficiency, and delivering a rapid ROI.</p>
<p>Decideware has 12,000-plus licensed users at 80 sites on four continents.</p>
<p>The company’s applications help to collect, process and report on information in core business activities such as supplier relationship management, tender evaluation, and service level management.
The applications are all web-based to enable easy access from anywhere in the world without complicated software installation. They are designed to produce immediate returns and most clients are up and running quickly.</p>
<p>About ADR International</p>
<p>Incorporated in the UK in 1986, ADR International is a specialist purchasing consultancy with experience in more than 50 countries around the world.</p>
<p>For the past 20 years ADR have been applying their extensive purchasing knowledge to develop procurement leaders and assist companies to improve performance.</p>
<p>ADR International offices are located in Europe, USA, South Africa, Australia and Asia Pacific. A pre-eminent niche consultancy specialising in all aspects of strategic sourcing, purchasing and supplier management, ADR International programs are tailored to meet client specific needs.</p>
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<p>For more information</p>
<p>David Frost, PR Deadlines
Tel: 61-2-4341 5021</p>
<p>Viji Ratnam, Decideware
Tel: 61-(0)414-481-951</p>
<p>John McCleland
ADR International
Tel: 61-7-3369 5506</p>

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