Via shrinks PC chipset into a single package

Via shrinks PC chipset into a single package

Via has developed a single-chip chipset for it Eden and C7 microprocessors.

Taiwan's Via Technologies has developed the first single-chip chipset for its C7 and Eden processors, the company said Tuesday.

The new chip, the CX700, cuts down on power consumption and allows companies to make computers smaller, it said.

Traditional PC chipsets are comprised of two separate chips, a Northbridge chip and a Southbridge chip. The Northbridge chip connects the computer's processor to main memory via the front-side bus and includes links to peripherals that are connected by AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) and PCI Express, as well as the Southbridge.

The Southbridge chip, which is generally the second-largest chip on a motherboard after the processor, handles all of the other input-output functions, including links to the PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) bus, hard drives, and audio ports, among others.

Via's CX700 chipset rolls all of these functions into a single chip, measuring 37.5 millimeters by 37.5 mm, designed for use in embedded computing applications. In addition, the chipset also includes an integrated UniChrome Pro graphics core.

Via will show off the CX700 at the Embedded Systems Conference to be held this week in San Jose, California. In addition, several board vendors are expected to show products based on the chipsets at the conference, Via said.

The CX700 will begin shipping volume towards the end of the second quarter. Pricing was not available.

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