ChiliSoft brews Java mix

ChiliSoft brews Java mix

ChiliSoft has broadened support for its ChiliASP product, an application server that allows Active Server Pages (ASP) to run on multiple platforms.

The company recently sent into beta release ChiliBeans, a "wrapper" for Component Object Model (COM) objects that lets them run as JavaBeans.

Through such "wrappering" and its ChiliASP application server, ChiliSoft enables ASPs to read Java objects and use them in Web applications on multiple platforms, said Charles Crystle, ChiliSoft founder and CTO.

"ASP as a framework is a superset of Java. The customer has to solve problems. That's what we're focused on," Crystle said. "We do ChiliASP, which makes them work together."

ChiliASP aims to let developers who are familiar with Microsoft-oriented tools and its Internet Information Server Web server link components and objects made in Java or C++ via ChiliSoft software.

Developers with JavaScript and Java knowledge can create ASP-compatible objects without knowing COM, Crystle said. By allowing these Visual Basic-class developers to tie together disparate objects, COM and ASP applications can also run via Java virtual machines on multiple platforms.

"The drawback is that you are locked into dependence on [ChiliSoft's] technology," said Phil Costa, an analyst at the Giga Information Group, in Massachusetts. "They aren't the only ones trying to bridge JavaBeans and COM objects."

ChiliBeans technology will be available with ChiliASP 1.5 Web application server by year's end. ChiliASP for Unix 1.2 is priced at $US7000 for the first CPU per server and $6000 for each additional CPU.

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