Kaz launches managed backup service

Kaz launches managed backup service

Kaz Group has hatched a hosted backup service for mid- to large enterprises in a bid to help companies securely backup and restore data on PCs and laptops.

Dubbed PC Backup, the managed, subscription-based, service is delivered over Telstra's network to data centres in Sydney and Melbourne and sold via a host of monthly plans, dependent on customer data. They range from $25 for a 2GB plan to $415 for a 100GB plan.

Kaz Group general manager, marketing solutions and innovations, Pete Wilson, said the service blended KAZ's ICT expertise and Telstra's network infrastructure.

Customers would find it attractive because there was no upfront investment in infrastructure, he said.

"It is ideally suited to mid-size organisations and up, but can scale down to a single user if need be," Wilson said. "Anyone with an IP connection - be it dial-up or broadband - can get access to the network."

The PC backup service would have widespread appeal given the feverish push towards corporate compliance, Kaz practice manager, business continuity and governance, Peter Voysey, said.

"Kaz is witnessing a lack of compliance across many organisations. It's not that they aren't trying, but the task is enormous," he said. "A lack of compliance could put organisations at risk."

Given 60 per cent of corporate data lived on enterprise desktops and mobile PCs, organisations needed to better assess the risks - including theft, disk failure, data corruption, accidental deletion, virus attack, fire and flood - and implement adequate backup measures, Wilson said.

"Corporate governance is driving the need for better data security," he said. "There are a number of pain points and pressure points that management are put under, which is costing businesses not only downtime, but lots of headaches from a regulatory perspective."

Traditionally, backing up individual PCs and laptops had been difficult and time consuming for both IT staff and end-users, Wilson said. The automatic nature of the new Kaz technology would ease some of the angst.

The managed service, which is powered by EMC hardware and Iron Mountain software, uses compressed over-the-network backups and restoration using DeltaBlock and Send Once technology.

"This is where the smarts come into it," Wilson said. "DeltaBlock backs up only the incremental blocks that have changed, not the whole file, while SendOnce backs up the file once regardless of multiple network instances."

A combination of the two technologies shrank the amount of data that needed to be backed up, resulting in reduced backup times, he said.

To date, Kaz is trialling the technology with a dozen customers from SMBs to large corporates.

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