Speakers pack a punch

Speakers pack a punch

Creative's i-Trigue 3600 PC speaker system offers quality sound and great looks. It comes highly recommended - although at a price.

Futuristic, slim and somewhat sexy, the satellite speakers and large subwoofer would be a welcome addition to any desk. The silver support base is also a nice touch. The speakers are very user-friendly, thanks to a convenient wired remote control which utlises a large control knob together with a headphone and auxiliary input. They are also relatively easy to set up - colour coded wires and connections corresponding to well-layed out inputs at the rear of the subwoofer. The power pack is extremely heavy and bulky though.

We were extremely impressed by the bass levels the i-Trigues were capable of, especially at higher volume levels. The satellites were crisp and clear throughout testing regardless of the volume levels. We didn't notice any evident distortion at higher volume levels either - and the speakers really do pack quite a punch.

The main complaint we had was the mid-range sound, which was quite weak. This was most evident when playing more complex music, such as classical guitar riffs. Sound was somewhat distorted and not as crisp as it should be. But overall the i-Trigues should be a valuable solution to most PC users.

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