SCO points partners towards wireless edge

SCO points partners towards wireless edge

The SCO Group has unleashed its new EdgeClick digital services platform in an attempt to address wireless application development. To coincide with the launch, the vendor has put together several partner programs to attract new resellers.

Regional general manager, Kieran O'Shaughnessy, said EdgeClick was designed as a quick way to customise applications for mobile devices. The technology consists of a service-oriented architecture server, dubbed an edge processor, which could be used to connect various end-point devices ranging from smartphones and PDAs to notebooks. It can be used to provide customised applications and services such as information access and transactional processing.

The open source software vendor has also crafted a range of customised applications under the new Me Inc suite. These include the Shout digital service, which allows users to send a voice message simultaneously to thousands of connected devices. The applications are now available on Treo or Palm smartphones, and would be rolled out to BlackBerry devices and Java-embedded models shortly.

Partners could choose to become involved in the new EdgeClick platform in two ways. Those who were interested in simply reselling mobility applications could choose to become Me Inc sales agents.

These partners would be entitled to a commission on each services sale, along with ongoing usage revenue, O'Shaughnessy said. He compared the sales agent role to a mobile phone content reseller.

Alternatively, ISVs or resellers could use EdgeClick to develop or translate third-party mobile applications, O'Shaughnessy said. These partners would be divided into several categories - digital services, content, infrastructure and commerce. Each would be provided with a developer toolkit.

"Partners could choose to take the technology and build their own applications or enable existing applications to be sent out to devices," he said. "Wireless technology to date has been a painful process - there are constraints with small screens, bandwidth and so on. The toolkit will do that."

Both solution partners and sales agents would be listed on the vendor's new worldwide EdgeClick Park portal.

SCO would also release a range of Web seminars for partners, as well as provide hands-on training courses relating to the technology in May or June, O'Shaughnessy said.

"SCO also has the support and backup services in place to help partners get applications up and running," he said.

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