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Australian PC Monitor Market Declines in Q4 2005, But Grows by 8% Overall in 2005, Finds IDC

  • 16 March, 2006 13:59

<p>NORTH SYDNEY, March 16th, 2006 - IDC has recently released the results for the Australian total PC monitor market in Q4 2005. Findings revealed that the Australian PC monitor market declined 4% sequentially and increased 2% from the same time in 2004. Both the OEM and branded markets declined sequentially, with the former declining 4% and the latter falling 3% from the third quarter.</p>
<p>IDC has found the following key highlights of the Q4 2005 PC monitor market:</p>
<p>1) Aggressive Pricing on Larger-sized LCD Displays: Unlike previous quarters, vendors offered more aggressive pricing on larger-sized LCD monitors in Q4'05, rather than competing mainly on the mainstream 17inch size category. The strong decline in pricing translated to robust growth in these size categories. It is notable that 20inch size category experienced the strongest growth from a shipments perspective in the quarter. Shipments grew 65%, whilst average selling price declined 19% compared to Q3'05. Conversely, the 15inch size category experienced the slimmest price decline, and saw shipments decline by 23% sequentially.</p>
<p>2) Declining PC-Monitor Ratios: PC-Monitor ratios are declining as LCDs are increasingly bundled with PC systems, causing fewer upgrades. In 4Q'05, the PC-monitor attachment ratio had fallen by 4 percentage points to 95%. This trend is expected to continue over the forecast period and will impede the growth of the branded market, causing branded vendors, especially the smaller players, to reduce their focus or even exit the market altogether.</p>
<p>3) Absence of Compelling Technological Advancements: There has not been any major technological improvements for monitors for a long time, not since the advent and then commercialisation of LCD monitors. Subsequently, end users do not have any compelling reason to refresh their monitors, as LCD technology becomes increasingly prevalent and inadvertently lengthens the refresh cycle too. While several vendors have pumped many R&amp;D dollars into areas such as OLED, LED and SED, these units are not expected to reach commercialisation any time soon, as limited lifespan and high costs continue to be major inhibitors.</p>
<p>Mercie Clement, IDC Market Analyst for PC Hardware noted that, "Samsung climbed up in rankings to the top spot in the branded market with 20.7% share. LG Electronics and Acer achieved the second and third positions respectively. In the meanwhile, BenQ fell to the fourth spot, accounting for 14.3% share of total branded shipments during the quarter. Rounding out the top 7 was Mitsubishi, Philips and Viewsonic."</p>
<p>Top seven vendors (branded market):</p>
<p>• Samsung - 20.7%</p>
<p>• LG Electronics - 15.9%</p>
<p>• Acer - 15.1%</p>
<p>• BenQ - 14.3%</p>
<p>• Mitsubishi - 8.3%</p>
<p>• Philips - 8.2%</p>
<p>• Viewsonic - 7.2%</p>
<p>• Others - 10.3%</p>
<p>If you would like further information or to purchase IDC research, please contact Gary Clarke, IDC Associate VP of Sales via email or phone 02 9925 2226.</p>
<p>For press enquiries please contact:
Mercie Clement,
Market Analyst, PC Hardware ,
Phone: 61 2 9925 2258</p>
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