What's new from: Hutchison, Foundry, NetComm, ConnectLand, 3Com

What's new from: Hutchison, Foundry, NetComm, ConnectLand, 3Com

3G NetConnect Card

Australia’s 3G mobile network has launched a broadband-speed wireless data card. When inserted into the PCMCIA card slot, 3’s Mobile Internet NetConnect Card delivers high-speed, affordable and easy-to-use wireless Internet access, according to the company. The card can deliver a maximum speed of 384Kbps download and 64Kbps upload in 3’s Video Zones — about six times faster than remote access dial-up and nine times faster than typical GPRS mobile data. The NetConnect Card was jointly developed by Lucent Technologies and Novatel Wireless. It can work in both 3G and GPRS modes so users can roam from the 3 network to GPRS within Australia. The NetConnect Card is compatible with most Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and business software applications.The product is distributed in Australia by eXeed, Harris Technologies and Ingram Micro. RRP: The mobile Internet NetConnect Card is $588 up front (no connection fee) or $49 per month, for 12 months, plus a $50 connection fee.

IronPoint 200 Access Point

Foundry has released the IronPoint 200 Access Point. The Ironview Network Manager Access Point (INM-AP) edition allows centralised management of wireless networks and the network to be split into domains to simplify management. INM-AP means configuration and security settings can be changed centrally and rolled out to APs quickly and easily. The Ironpoint AP is a dual radio supporting 802.11a, b and g, and includes a full suite of authentication/security features such as: Static WEP Support (64-bit, 128-bit, 152-bit (802.11a)); WPA; 802.1X WEP Support; 802.1X re-authentication refresh rate WPA (TKIP & AES-CCM) with preshared keys; WPA (TKIP & AES-CCM) with 802.1X support; and local and radius MAC authentication. The product is distributed in Australia by ChannelWorks, ASI Solutions and CDM. RRP: $1250

NetComm HS800

Broadband specialist, NetComm, has rolled out the HS800 Hotspot-in-a-box solution that lets any organisation provide and charge for wireless Internet. For users, it provides an alternative to the credit card registrations used by most wireless carriers, according to the company. Unlike carrier-provided services that require users to register details such as their credit card with a service provider, the HS800 requires only that customers have a wireless enabled device such as a Centrino laptop. All authentication and payment details are processed immediately at the point of sale. Via the HS800, users can browse the Web, access corporate applications or send email at speeds of up to 11Mbps from anywhere within range of the product’s access point. The HS800 also allows hotspot providers to fully customise their billing systems, for instance to pre-set access charges and keep track of network usage. The HS800 had been successful throughout the hospitality, education and convention centre sectors in Australia, the company said. NetComm will announce in the coming weeks a new solution, which allows organisations such as large hotels, banks and other institutions to provide, manage and bill for wireless Internet access to several hundred users at a time. The product is distributed in Australia by Tech Pacific, Todaytech, IT Wholesale and Bluechip. RRP: $1850

ConnectLand switch and card

ConnectLand is offering a line of wireless networking products including the ADSL wireless 4 Port Router Switch and the Connectland 802.11b PCMCIA card. Features of the router switch include: NAT/NAPT support; PPPoA, PPPoE and fixed protocols supported; firewall and NAT security type, packet filtering, content filtering, URL filtering, DOS attacks blocking. The product offers local and remote administration through Telnet and SNMP; and IEEE 802.11g Access Point at 54Mbps, compatible with 802.11b. The PCMCIA card allows a desktop to access any WiFi LAN network, without wires. It complies with the IEEE 802.11b 2.4GHz (DSSS) standard; offers high data transfer rate — up to 11 MBps; and supports 64/128-bit AES/TKIP/WEP data encryption function for high level of security. The product also supports peer-to-peer communication among any wireless users and no Access Point is required. The automatic fallback functionality increases data security and reliability. The products are distributed in Australia by Peridyme. RRP: $179 for the switch; $55 for the card.

3Com Wireless LAN Access Point 7250

3Com has released a wireless LAN Access Point 7250 for the enterprise. The product has a single 802.11-standard 11g radio design, which delivers what the company claims high-speed wireless that can be easily integrated into a standards-based network environment. The access point complements 3Com’s wireless offerings and supports Advanced Encrption Standard (AES) encryption in addition to Wi-Fi Protected (WPA) and Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP). Security is enhanced with a variety of authentication methods including TKIP, Radius, MD-5 and TTLS. Additional features include 3Com Wireless LAN Manager, speeds up to 54Mbps and Wi-Fi certification. The product is distributed in Australia by Tech Pacific, Lan Systems and Ingram Micro.

RRP: For price details, check with the distributors.

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