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InFocus Sets the Ultimate Stage to Play Big

  • 14 March, 2006 17:27

<p>InFocus introduces a radical evolution of its award-winning home projectors with its new ‘Play Big’ range</p>
<p>SYDNEY, Australia - March 14, 2006 -- InFocus® (Nasdaq: INFS), the industry pioneer and leader in the projection market, brings the world a new level of entertainment at home with the introduction of the InFocus ‘Play Big’ series of digital home projectors.</p>
<p>In its new three-strong entertainment portfolio, design meets digital projection with a stylish edge including curved lines with a high-gloss black finish and satin chrome accents to complement any decor whether the lights are on or off.</p>
<p>And the view is breathtaking. InFocus’ new projectors are brighter than most plasma TVs and offer consumers the best value per diagonal inch for big screen viewing. They produce a stunning image ranging from 60” to a wall-filling 144” diagonal.</p>
<p>“InFocus’ innovation is hard at work in the Play Big portfolio,” said Scott Ballantyne, chief marketing officer, InFocus. “With the combination of style, a vivid picture and affordability, InFocus is creating a new category of digital projection that delivers a theatre-size experience in an affordable, easy to use and sleek package.”</p>
<p>Big Picture Solutions
The new InFocus IN72, IN74 and IN76 fill the wall, or a screen, with bright, vivid and crisp images, capturing every detail of a movie, sporting event, video game or other big picture-viewing event:</p>
<p>For consumers looking for their first home entertainment system, the InFocus Play Big IN72 is an affordable 480p resolution projector bringing the big picture experience to home entertainment and gaming.</p>
<p>The InFocus Play Big IN74 features native 576p resolution, which provides an effective balance between DVD resolution and HDTV.</p>
<p>The InFocus Play Big IN76 is a performance-rich 720p native HD front projector, bringing a superb big theatre experience to the home of the video enthusiast.</p>
<p>The new portfolio is easy to use, featuring auto-ceiling mount detection, integrated tabletop pedestal, quiet operation and a patented low light pollution case. The perfect choice for the discerning home theatre enthusiast, the new projectors feature true 16:9 aspect ratio and video-optimized light output, colours and contrast (model dependent) for excellent video quality and an image larger than traditional plasma, LCD or RPTV options.</p>
<p>InFocus’ IN72, IN74 and IN76 projectors connect easily to nearly any home electronic device including: DVD players, satellite receivers, high-definition broadcast receivers, TVs, computers, and major video game consoles. They include an integrated cable cover to hide unwanted wires when ceiling mounted and a unique, integrated swivel pedestal that simplifies tabletop set-up and is easily removed for ceiling mount applications.</p>
<p>InFocus’ IN72, IN74 and IN76 include the latest Texas Instruments® enhanced-definition DLP™ (Digital Light Processing) chip-sets, the benchmark for video projection. The video image is enhanced with Pixelworks™ DNX video processing for superb brightness, contrast and overall video quality. All models come calibrated to D65 colour standards to ensure cinema quality colour reproduction. Additionally, they include the latest inputs such as HDMI (High Definition Multi-media Interface), which provides the easiest and highest quality video interface available from DVD players, HD receivers and new HD game consoles with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection).</p>
<p>With the introduction of the ‘Play Big’ series of projectors, consumers can choose their image-stage, sit back and let InFocus do the rest.</p>
<p>Availability and Pricing
The new InFocus range will be available through International Dynamics at the following recommended retail prices: IN72 - $2,999, IN74 - 3,499 and IN76 - $5,999. For more information about InFocus and complementary products, please visit <http:> or go to <http:></http:></http:></p>
<p>About InFocus Corporation
InFocus® Corporation (Nasdaq: INFS) is the industry pioneer and worldwide leader in the projection market today. Nearly twenty years of experience and engineering breakthroughs are at work here, constantly improving what you see in the marketplace, and delivering immersive audio visual impact in home entertainment, business and education environments. Being the inventor and leader is simply a great bonus of making the presentation of ideas, information, and entertainment a vivid, unforgettable experience.</p>
<p>With over 1.5 million projectors sold, in a category that is expected to grow to U$10 billion in revenue and more than 9 million units in 2007, we believe our product contributions set the standard for what a big picture experience should be like. For more information, visit us at <></></p>
<p>InFocus, ASK, Proxima, ASK Proxima, LiteShow, ScreenPlay and LP are trademarks or registered trademarks of InFocus Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. Digital Light Processing and DLP are trademarks of Texas Instruments.</p>

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