Testing time brings offshoring jobs home

Testing time brings offshoring jobs home

Tentative signs offshoring software development may return some of the jobs that have recently moved from Australia has emerged with Sydney-based code-testing shop Access Testing Centre (ATC) scoring a significant deal with Indian development powerhouse Satyam.

The deal will see ATC partnering to test code locally for Satyam's Australian clients, known to include Telstra. It will also create 15 and 30 new positions.

Tony Bailey, CEO of Access Testing Centre, said that after a dabble in the multimedia area, the company had moved to reposition itself to take advantage of the current market conditions.

"We realised a while ago that offshoring was a reality, and that there would be a market for testing. We found Satyam was very much in tune with the Australian marketplace with the benefits it brings to the table – and also some of the weaknesses. You can't offshore everything; we realised there'd have to be local testing," Bailey said.

Among the reasons Bailey cited for testing code locally was a better communications and cultural fit with local clients which helped smooth the process of ironing out bugs or making changes.

As to how long he expected the offshoring phenomenon to last, Bailey said he was not entirely sure and that he saw the opportunity as "here and now", and as long as Australian clients were better off.

"I don't know where we'll be in five years," Bailey said.

ATC's clients (not necessarily linked to Satyam) include Telstra, Optus, AAPT, Australian Taxation Office, and Defence. The firm also partners with BMC, Mercury and Lotus IBM.

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