Quantum's fourth-generation super tape

Quantum's fourth-generation super tape

Quantum is announcing its fourth generation super tape, DLT-S4. It is also announcing GoVault, a simpler backup product for small and medium businesses and enhancing the security of its tape drives.

DLT-S4, presaged on Quantum's roadmap provides twice the capacity of LTO-3 at 800GB (raw data) and has a 60Mb/s transfer rate. The LTO-3 capacity is 400GB with a 72Mb/s transfer rate.

Quantum claims it cuts off-site storage costs in half by offering a storage cost of US$0.06/GB. It means that a 4U 38 slot library can now hold 51TB in a space that previously held 20 - 21TB. Customers could buy such a library and have money left over to buy a disk-based backup product compared to previous 50TB capacity library products.

GoVault is a robust disk cartridge loaded into a drive in a server. It can hold 40, 80 or 120GB on an IDE disk. The drive plus one cartridge will cost US$250 - $US300, about the cost of a Travan drive, but transferring data five times faster; 15Mb/s compared to Travan's 3Mb/s. This is Quantum technology, acquired when it bought Certance. It does not use Imation's Ulysses technology.

GoVault works with popular backup software in a drag-and-drop way. Quantum envisages customers backing up a server before they leave at the end of a day and taking the disk cartridge home with them.

IBM is going to ship GoVault with some of its low-end products.

Password-protection for individual tape cartridges is being added to DLT Sage. Later this year on-the-fly encryption will be added to Quantum drives. Both these moves will secure data against theft if tapes are lost or stolen.

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