New Macron is a Modder's dream

New Macron is a Modder's dream

Desktop PCs have always had the ability to have any core component upgraded or customised to perform the tasks that you specifically need. Until now, the same couldn't be said for notebooks.

The Macron PW50 is the modder's dream notebook. Everything is easily interchangeable with simple modular components. Even the least tech-savvy person would be able to pull a PW50 apart and reassemble it with new components in a few minutes. In our tests, the PW50 put in a relatively good performance using a Pentium M 740 CPU, 512MB of DDR2 memory and an ATI Radeon X700 graphics processor. The versatility of this solution is quite appealing, since the only restrictions are the confines of the chassis and the connectors on the motherboard.

The build-to-order notebook should create a significant change in the market. It will change the ebb and flow of laptop component demand.

Verdict: It is still early days for the BYO notebook market, but more vendors seem to be adopting the approach. It's performance is comparable with competitors' un-modifiable options, and you can get your hands dirty.

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