Notes from the Field: EarthLink gets wormed, Google takes desktop turn?

Notes from the Field: EarthLink gets wormed, Google takes desktop turn?


I'm constantly losing things - keys, lottery tickets, girlfriends. So it's comforting to hear the White House has the same problem with email. According to documents filed by special prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, an unspecified number of messages disappeared from White House archives during spring 2003. It was probably just spam, office gossip, and Michael Moore jokes. I'm sure they wouldn't lose anything important.

Codus Interruptus: The recent Kama Sutra worm had most US companies bending over backward to avoid getting hit, but it was other malware that left EarthLink in an awkward position. The Beagle worm tied the ISP in knots, causing daylong delays in email delivery for some Web hosting customers. Company spokespersons said the problem was fixed within a day, although some users continued to suffer effects days later. You suppose EarthLink handles the White House email archives, too?

Beware of Low-Flying Desks: Google is allegedly creating its own desktop OS based on the Ubuntu Linux distribution , according to those cheeky lads at The Register. The search Gooliaths confirmed the existence of the OS but denied it was called Goobuntu and pooh-poohed rumours it would release the OS as a Windows alternative. No matter; when Ballmer gets wind of this, it will be raining Herman Miller chairs in Redmond.

Dell and Google Sittin' in a Tree: New Dell machines are coming with Google's Desktop and IE toolbar apps pre-installed, as well as links to a Googlified Dell portal. All of this transpired without a peep from either company. Did I say Ballmer was throwing chairs? He's now moved up to chucking conference tables.

Gates to hell for computer: It seems Bill Gates' tax returns are so unwieldy - all those extra digits in the adjusted gross income field - that the IRS had to dedicate a computer to handling his personal Form 1040. I understand they're using an old Windows 3.0 machine with 640KB of RAM. And why not - didn't Sir Bill himself once say "640K ought to be enough for anybody"?

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