Fast Track to High-speed wireless

Fast Track to High-speed wireless

Closing the loop

Although the corporate sector has been holding off on wireless network purchases due to concerns about speed and security, the home sector has embraced the technology - and is set to be a major consumer of the new 802.11n technology as well.

Casey pointed out that the yet-to-be-ratified technology was also likely to play a major role in the home once digital entertainment technology became more pervasive.

"Wireless is going to continue to grow in the home, not only with the 802.11n standard, but with others which are set to come online," he said. "They will enable the creation of wireless home digital media networks, and provide the infrastructure required for services like video streaming."

So whether it's VoIP applications in the corporate market, rapid affordable deployment amongst SMBs or digital home entertainment networks in the home, the 802.11n standard is set to open up a range of opportunities for resellers.

And while it's taken a while for the IEEE working party to reach an accord on the technical details, even this delay may well contribute to what will ultimately be the most appropriate technical configuration for resellers and consumers alike.

"The different groups in the IEEE have been arguing about highly technical issues, and in a way it's important that the engineers put on their thinking caps and take the time to get the specifications right," IDC's Quah said.

"There's been a lot of argument, but overall the IEEE system is set up so that the best technology is what is ratified in the end, and that's where we're heading."

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